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A Scripture Lady Event Can Include a Musical Bible Program for Your Kids

A Scripture Lady Event is the perfect time to let Kathy showcase her many creative ways of sharing God’s love and His Word, the Bible.

A Scripture Lady Bible Song Program will engage your children and keep their focus on Jesus! They will definitely walk away having heard and seen the Word of God presented in creative ways.

With over two decades of performing in front of hundreds and hundreds of children, Kathy knows what it takes to keep the attention of kids through colorful props, creative skits and memorable Bible verse songs that kids LOVE!

A Bible song program is perfect for chapel times, Sunday school hours, VBS venues, Mid-week Bible Times such as AWANA’s or for any other special event. The Scripture Lady offers programs for both the preschool and elementary ages.

A Bible Song Program is a great way to end your Scripture Lady Event. Why?…

  1. If you included teacher training workshops as part of your Scripture Lady Event, then you teachers can watch Kathy put into practice what she taught them.
  2. Your kids will be given an opportunity to grow closer to God and be challenged to walk closer with Jesus.
  3. Your teachers can be inspired in their own ministries to take their teaching to the next level and help make an eternal difference in the lives of their kids.

What does it take to add a Bible Song Program to a Scripture Lady Event?

  1. A desire to see your kids challenged in their own relationships with God.
  2. A setting that will accommodate all your children during the performance such as a classroom or sanctuary. The Scripture Lady needs a performing space of at least 12ft by 10 ft.
  3. A sufficient sound system that can run a microphone and music.
  4. And Power Point capability
  5. The pricing for a Scripture Lady Event will vary greatly depending upon such variables as traveling expenses and hotel accommodations. Please CLICK HERE for a pdf file of a typical pricing breakdown for an event.

    Lastly, contact Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady,

    at 714-331-7192 or email her at

    [email protected]

    to book your Scripture Lady Event!


Check out these videos which show LIVE performances

of an elementary program and a preschool program:

Testimonials for Scripture Lady’s Bible Song Programs

“We are always pleased with Kathy Vincent’s presentations and variety of workshops at CMTA. She comes with a great expertise of working with children and CEF as well as knowing how to minister and relate to them. Most importantly, Kathy’s mission and heart is to serve; this is so evident whether she is teaching, singing or walking the conference corridors.”

Mary Rice Hopkins –

Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - Saddleback Church“I want you to know that on all of our evaluations, YOU are the most ‘favorite’ part of our Child Care event. Thank you for blessing us with your God given talents and heart for His word.”

Becky Downs, Children’s Minister Saddleback Church, Lake Forest

Each summer during our week of camp, I would have Kathy come to our camp at Green Oak Ranch in Vista to do a one hour presentation as the Scripture Lady to our campers. This was always a highlight of the week to many of the kids. Through games, visuals, props and music, Kathy would always amaze me with her ability to engage and get this group of about 70 kids with various levels of abilities and disabilities to participant and respond to her lively, energy packed program. Some of our more “challenging” behaviors would seem to deescalate when Kathy got up front!

Connie Hutchinson

Director, Disabilities Ministry EV Free Fullerton, CA

Kathy is an excellent trainer and worship leader with incredibly creative resources and ideas. But what is more wonderful is her genuine faith, humility and love for God and kids…Her presentations were very engaging and interactive. In our children’s worship, she had kids from kindergarten up through 6th grade and kept their attention for a full 45 – 50 minutes.

Cecil Wong, Sunset Church Christian Education Director


“Kathy really knows how to get kids excited about the Bible!”

Nancy K. – Starburst the Clown


“The Scripture Lady’s unique and effective way of presenting The Word through music & movement had the children wanting more…”

 Christian Church Preschool of Lemon Grove Lemon Grove, CA


“A Scripture Lady performance is a Scripture Song Extravaganza designed to get your kids excited about the Bible!”

Rev. Barney Kinard,

“(Kathy’s songs are) creative and original…making the Scripture come alive!” 

Cornerstone Comm. Church Oceanside, CA


“Kids memorize songs so quickly and easily. It’s wonderful to fill their hearts and minds with Scripture instead of just all the silly childish songs they find everywhere else.”

Carla D. – Hacienda Heights, CA


Testimonials Page: Bible Programs - FOS Pic“I love how many Scriptures my kids have memorized because of the Scripture Lady songs they have learned!”

Tina S. – Orange, CA


Kathy has a love and passion for her work, which is readily witnessed as she teaches God’s Word.  Kathy is a dynamic teacher, equipped with scripture, music, dramatic play, and not a minute is wasted as she teaches.  Kathy is professional!

Peggy Bradford, Hope Christian Church


I am happy to give a reference for Kathy Vincent.  She has provided a half-hour program each Sunday for our younger elementary children with music, puppets, memory work and other visuals.  She does a great job of holding the attention of the children and getting them involved. 

Sue Hanaford – Children’s Director  

EV Free Fullerton, CA



“If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.”

2 Corinthians 5:17 

(Click here for a sample of this Bible verse song.)

The Scripture Lady