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The Right Order – A Fun Bible Review Game for Elementary Kids

“The Right Order” is a fun Bible review game for elementary kids that you can play to help review any Bible story in the Bible. This game uses fun visuals along with the fun element of a race to beat the clock. Try it with your kids this week to help them grow in God’s Word.

I wrote “The Right Order” to play during one of my most recent programs for elementary kids called “Let’s PRAY!” In this program, I use the acrostic of PRAY to share ways that we can pray to God.

P stands for Praise and Adoration

R stands for Remember to Confess Your Sins

A stands for Always Give Thanks

Y stands for Yield to God

I play “The Right Order” during the “A” section of my program. I chose 4 Bible stories that emphasize 4 people who were very thankful to God.

Story One is about Hannah and her prayer to God for a baby. Hannah was very thankful for God blessing her with Baby Samuel.

Story Two is about King David and God’s promise to him. God promised David that his royal line would be eternal.

Story Three is about when Jesus called Matthew to be His disciple. His life was never the same after that and I am sure Matthew was very thankful.

Story Four is about when Mary anointed Jesus with the expensive perfume showing her great love and gratitude.

I then found 4 pictures to depict the main facts of each story and printed them off onto nice card stock.

Today, I have provided you with all the pictures for the 4 stories. You just have to print them off and then follow the directions of how to play.

How to play “The Right Order”

Divide you class into 2 teams.

Have 4 children in the class come up front. It would be nice if you can distinguish their places in line by counting them off as 1, 2, 3, and 4. You could put a simple sticker on their clothing with the number. Or, you can do what I did, and have them each wear a hat with a number on the hat. Kids always like hats and it makes the game more fun.

Pick up all four cards of Story One and read the story on each card and show the pictures to the kids. After you read each part of the story, place the cards on a pocket chart or on a table in the correct order.

After all 4 cards are displayed, turn all 4 cards over, face down and mix up their order.

The first child from Team One now gets to see how fast he can place the story cards in the correct order by giving them to the kids who are numbered 1 – 4. Set a timer and see how fast he can do. After the child is done, put the cards back on the table face down for the next child to try.

Pick a child from Team Two to see if he can beat the time it took for Team One.

Continue this same manner of play for each of the stories. Whoever has the combined shortest time is the winner!

Pictures for each story:

(Just click on each link to be taken to the picture so that you can print it from your computer.)

Story One – Hannah

Story Card 1

Story Card 2

Story Card 3

Story Card 4

Story Two – King David

Story Card 1

Story Card 2

Story Card 3

Story Card 4

Story One – Matthew

Story Card 1

Story Card 2

Story Card 3

Story Card 4

Story One – Jesus and Mary

Story Card 1

Story Card 2

Story Card 3

Story Card 4

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