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Memory Verse Games for Preschoolers: Number Hop


Memory verse games for preschoolers are super! Here is one called “Number Hop.”

When I was in third grade, or there-about, I won the cakewalk at my school fair.  It was a BIG chocolate cake.  My family loved me.

The Bible memory verse game called “Number Hop” will be sure to take you back to your own cakewalk memories as you teach your kids their memory verses.

Here’s what you do:

Memory verse games for preschoolers are fun and for this one do as follows: In a circle, place numbers on the floor for each child in your class.  For example, if you have 15 children, you will have numbers 1 – 15.  After going over your Bible memory verse several times, tell the children that they are going to have the chance to test their memory skills.  Instruct each child to go and stand on a number.  The numbers should be placed far enough away from each other so that your kids can hop from one number to the next.

Now put on some fun music.  You might even want to try and find a song that sings your Scripture.  While the music is going, encourage the children to safely hop from one number to the next.  At some point, stop the music and have everyone freeze on the number they are standing.

Finally, take a bucket or a bowl that contains slips of papers with all the numbers listed.  Have a child reach into the bowl and call out the number on the slip of paper.  Whoever is standing on that number must try and recite their Bible verse.  If they do so correctly, you might want to reward them with some kind of small candy or prize.  Repeat the process until all your kids are hopped out!

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