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Jumping for Victory: A Super Bible Memory Verse Activity for Elementary Kids

Have you ever experienced any victories in your life?  Maybe God helped you get that job you had been praying for.  Or maybe God helped you overcome an ongoing sin in your life.  In my opinion, every victory deserves a little jump for joy and a big thanks to God.  In fact, First Corinthians 15:57 says this:  “Thanks be to God!  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  The biggest victory for any Christian is that Jesus has saved us from the punishment of our sins.  First Corinthians 15:57 is such a simple verse and deserves to be memorized.  Here’s a fun Bible school activity to help your children learn this Scripture.  I call it “Jumping for Victory.”

Here’s what you do:

For this activity, you will need a jump rope about 8 to 10 feet long.  You will need 2 helpers to hold each end of the rope.  You will also need to prepare one index card for each word in the verse and display them in order on a pocket chart or table that can easily be seen by the whole class.  Don’t forget to include a card for the reference of the verse as well.

How to play:

After introducing First Corinthians 15:57 to your class, have them line up behind the rope.  Begin this activity by having the rope touch the ground.  Have all the children jump over the rope without touching the rope.  After the last child has jumped, have the whole class say the verse together.  They may look at the verse displayed for help.  For each new round, the 2 rope holders will raise the rope up higher about 4 to 6 inches.  The children line up and jump over the rope each time.  However, if a child touches the rope while jumping over it, then a card is turned over on your Bible verse display for every child who touched the rope during that round.  For example, if you have a class of seven kids and 3 of them touched the rope during that round, then 3 cards (chosen by the teacher) will be turned over on the Scripture.  After the last child jumps the rope, the whole class says the verse while looking at the board.  However, it might be a little harder to recite since 3 cards are turned over.  As the rope gets higher for each round of play, it will probably be more difficult to say the verse and a bit more comical.

Before beginning the Bible memory verse game, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Raise your hand if you can tell me a victory in your life.  For example, maybe you got an “A” on a test that you studied really hard for.  Or maybe God helped you say “No” to a temptation in your life.  (Wait for responses.)  God wants you to experience many victories in your life and when you do, I hope you always remember to give God the thanks for giving you any victory.  Who would like to read First Corinthians 15:57?  (Wait for response.)  You see, all victories come from God.  It’s great to celebrate a victory, but never forget that the biggest reason you gained that victory was because of God.  So, let’s play a game to help us memorize this great Bible verse.  It’s called “Jumping for Victory.”

At this point, have the children recite the verse several times to help them be prepared for the game.  Have Fun!

Just in case you’re interested, you might want to check out this book with even more memory verse games for your kids: 52 Ways to Teach Memory Verses: Easy-to-Do Activities for Ages 2-12

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