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Scripture Lady’s Bible Review Games: Cool Concordance Competition



The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible review games! Here is one called “Cool Concordance Competition” to teach kids how to use the concordance.

“Oh, how I love Your law!  I meditate on it all day long.”  (Psalm 119:97)  This is a beautiful Bible verse, but do your children agree with the psalmist that wrote these words of praise for God’s amazing Word?  I hope they do.  If not, then why not try to get your kids excited about the Bible by giving them fun and engaging activities to stir up a love and passion for the Word of God?  Take for example: “Cool Concordance Competition.”  Your kids will love it!

Bible review games will help your children learn God’s Word in a fun way and for this one you will need to do the following:

Prepare a list of words that your children can look up in their concordance.  (By the way, I will assume that your children know how to use a concordance.  If they do not, now is the time to teach them.)  I have started you off with a list below.  You will also need a writing board of some sort up to which a child can come and write down Bible references.

Divide your class into 2 teams.  It would be best if every child has their own concordance, but if a team needs to share, that is fine.  Designate a child from each team to be the writer of the reference of the Bible verse that is found and supply them with a piece of chalk or other writing utensil.

Explain the following to your children: It is God’s desire that we have a great love for His Word, the Bible, just like the psalmist has in Psalm 119:97.  One way that we can grow to appreciate and love God’s Word is by learning how to use the concordance.  The concordance is a great tool that can help us look up verses by topics. For example, if you would like to learn what the Bible has to say about love, you can look this word up and see all the great verses that contain the word “love.”

Continue to say: Today we are going to play “Cool Concordance Competition.”  I will write a word up on the board along with a book of the Bible.  On the word “GO”, your team will work together to find the word within the book I have given.  For example, if I write the word “light” and the book “Psalms”, you will need to find the reference of a Bible verse from the book of Psalms that contains the word “light”.  Psalm 4:6 is an example of a possible verse.  Once your team finds a reference, the designated writer must come up to the board and write it down.  The first team to write a reference on the board for the word and Bible book given, will earn 100 points for their team.

Here is a second part to this fun Bible school activity:  Another 100 points can be earned by seeing which team can find the Bible verse first in their Bibles.  Once again, I will say “GO” and the first one to show me they have found the verse will earn 100 points for his team.

List of 7 possible concordance words:

Light in John

Darkness in Isaiah

Faith in Matthew

God in I Samuel

Heaven in Revelation

Neighbor in Proverbs

Power in Acts

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