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Scripture Lady’s Bible Story Pictures Library

Scripture Lady’s Bible Story Pictures Library

The Scripture Lady loves to share Bible story pictures that illustrate God’s wonderful stories!

If you’ve ever been to a Scripture Lady workshop, you know that it is strongly encouraged that great, eye-catching visuals be used for every aspect of your teaching time.  In our mind, a Bible story is not complete without providing a colorful and engaging picture of the story you are sharing. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, the Christian educator needs only to do a quick search for an image of a specific Bible story and he or she will be given many options. Many of them are in the Public Domain and may be used quite liberally.

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We have begun our own humble little library of many of these images. It will be a work in progress collecting and categorizing these Bible story pictures so that we might become a site you will frequently visit when looking for just the right image. What are some things you can do with these images?

1.  Print them as posters to decorate your room.

2.  Place the correlating Scriptures underneath.

3.  Use them with your Bible review time.

4.  Create your own Bible review games with the Bible story pictures.

5.  Laminate and organize them into your own classroom library.

Some of these Bible story pictures represent the Bible through many different venues of art. Some are very meticulous with a great sense of detail. Some are more juvenile and will be perfect for your little ones. Some are sketches that come from literature from the 19th and 20th centuries.

As time goes by, our library will grow with images from all the great and well-beloved Bible stories such as Creation, Noah and the Ark, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Of David and Goliath, Joseph and his coat of many colors, Moses parting the Red Sea and the birth of Jesus.

I hope and pray you will take advantage of sharing these beautiful images with your children as you teach them to better understand the life-changing Word of God.

The Lord’s Prayer Song by The Scripture Lady

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