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Bible Ideas for Noah’s Ark by The Scripture Lady

Share these Bible ideas for Noah’s Ark with your young children to help them learn about this amazing true story in the Bible.

Teaching fun Bible ideas for Noah’s Ark  can add joy to your next church lesson or in-home Bible time with your kids.

Today, I am going to share with you a fun preschool Bible game designed to help your little ones think about the different kinds of animals on Noah’s Ark. It’s called “Who Made that Roar?!”

I am also going to give you access to one of my favorite songs sung by my grandma, “Scripture Granny,” called “Noah’s Floating Zoo.”

Finally, since the story of Noah’s Ark is filled with all kinds of animals, I am going to give you my top 5 animal songs for free. Yippee!

Bible Idea for Noah’s Ark Number One: “Who Made that Roar?!”

I love creating fun preschool Bible games!

Did you ever think that being on Noah’s ark must have been very noisy? I can imagine that Noah and his family were constantly trying to figure out which animal was currently making the biggest raucous and noise. There’s a good chance that no one got much sleep for all the time they were on the boat!

But I bet if your preschooler was on that boat, they would have had a great time. They would have been trying to figure out which lion was roaring or which bird was tweeting.

Preschoolers love animals and this preschool Bible game can help them learn about some of the animals on Noah’s ark and the different sounds each of them made.

How to prepare for this Bible game:

I have provided you with slides/pictures below. The pictures showcase the following animals:

a dog, a pig, some birds, a lion, a horse, an elephant and a cat

You can either use the pictures as slides for a Power Point presentation or simply print them off and lay them out on a table for all your children to see.

Notice that I placed my slides in an order that shows an animal being deleted once the children guess the correct animal. It’s up to you to choose to do this or not. But my order makes for a nice Power Point presentation.

Finally, I have given you five mp3 files that give you the sounds of the following 5 animals:

a pig, a horse, some birds, a dog and a lion

You will need to be able to “play” these animal sounds on your computer or a CD so that the children can hear them and figure out which animal is making the noise.

How to play this preschool Bible game:

Tell the children the story of Noah’s Ark. You can either read it straight from the Bible or use a good retelling of the story from a children’s Bible story book.

Next, share the first slide/picture that shows all 7 animals. Talk about these animals with your children and ask them if they’ve ever seen any of these animals in person. Ask them if they know what sounds they make.

Now tell the children that you are going to play some animal sounds. They will have to listen carefully to figure out which of the 7 animals is making the sound.

At this point, you will either share the rest of your Power Point presentation or simply place the pictures on a table or a chart for all to see.

Praise the children for making the right guesses.

That’s it! Have fun and maybe come up with more animals and their sounds.

Files for Downloading:

Slide One

Slide Two

Slide Three

Slide Four

Slide Five

Slide Six

Slide Seven

Slide Eight

Slide Nine

Slide Ten

Mp3 Files for the Sounds of the Animals:






Bible Idea for Noah’s Ark Number Two: “Scripture Granny Sings Noah’s Floating Zoo”

My grandma, “Scripture Granny” is well loved by the children who get to “visit” with her during my musical Bible programs. In my “Animals in the Bible” program, the kids get to hear Scripture Granny sing about some of the animals on Noah’s ark. But Scripture Granny likes to call Noah’s ark, “Noah’s floating zoo.”

I like that thought. Noah had so many animals on the ark that it was like floating on the water with a zoo full of animals!

In this sweet song, your children will have to guess which animal Scripture Granny is singing about. Will it be a giraffe or a monkey or a cat or a flamingo or a zebra?

Share the video below with your children to see if they can guess the animal.

If you like this song and would like access to the downloadable version of this video, then click HERE to purchase the video for only $2.49.

Bible Idea for Noah’s Ark Number Three: “5 Songs About Animals” by The Scripture Lady

I always love sharing about the different kinds of animals in the Bible to preschoolers. Our little ones love God’s 4-legged creatures. These following 5 songs will teach them about some different animals and birds that are in the Bible and the stories that each is a part of.

To listen to each song, left click on the title button below.

To save the song, right click on the title button below.

1. “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals” in mp3 file format: 

   “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals” mp3 download

2. “Birds in the Bible” in mp3 file format: 

   “Birds in the Bible” mp3 download

3. “Elijah was Fed by the Raven Birds” in mp3 file format: 

“Elijah was Fed by the Raven Birds” mp3 download

4. “God Made the Ants Work Real Hard” in mp3 file format: 

   “God Made the Ants to Work Real Hard” mp3 download

5. “Jesus is My Shepherd” in mp3 file format: 

   “Jesus is My Shepherd” mp3 download

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