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Scripture Lady’s Bible Verse Games: Be Strong and Take Heart – Learning Psalm 31:24

The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible verse games for kids! Here is one called “Be Strong and Take Heart” to help learn Psalm 31:24.

Psalm 31:24 says: “Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the Lord.”  What a great Bible verse for our kids to learn and truly take to “heart”.  Here are two fun memory verse activities you can do with your kids to help them hide this important verse in their “hearts” and minds.

Memory Verse Activity #1:  Heart Exercises

For this activity you will need to prepare 5 different lunch bags with pictures or words on the fronts of these following activities:

1.     Jumping Jacks

2.     Knee Lifts

3.     Arm Circles

4.     Leg Lunges

5.     Toe Touches

Inside each bag, place cards with numbers 3, 4 or 5 written on them.  You are now ready to play.

Tell the children that it is important that when things get tough in life that they should learn to put their hope in the Lord.  Read Psalm 39:14 and share a difficult time in your life when you had to be strong and take heart knowing that God was watching over you.  Now explain to the class that they are going to do an activity that will not only make their spiritual hearts strong, but also their physical hearts strong as they memorize this verse.

Have a child reach into a bag and pick out a number.  The whole class must now make their hearts strong by doing the physical exercise shown on the bag the number of times shown on the number card.  After the class does the exercise, have them say the Bible verse that many times as well.  Play until all the bags have been chosen and until the class has memorized the verse.

Memory Verse Activity #2:  Take Heart Limbo

For this activity, you will need two high backed chairs and some sort of a pole such as a broomstick.  Position the pole across the tops of the chairs.  Now cut out a bunch of paper hearts that have a number 3, 4 or 5 written on them.  Put on some fun “limbo” music and have the kids go under the pole “limbo” style.  As they go under they have to grab one heart.  Then they must say the Bible verse as many times as the number listed on their heart.  If they fall down or touch the pole while going under, the child must say the Bible memory verse double the times listed on the heart.  Play till everyone has had a chance to “limbo” at least two times.

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