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A Story of God’s Love: A Preschool Bible Lesson for Valentines Day

A preschool Bible lesson for Valentines Day is great! Here is one called “A Story of God’s Love.”

Children LOVE Valentine’s Day! All the fun cards and goodies they receive on this fun day is such a special treat for them.  Valentine’s Day should also be a day they are reminded of God’s love.  Here is a “magical” activity that is sure to amaze your children as they learn about God’s amazing love.

A preschool Bible lesson for Valentines Day is perfect for sharing God’s love and for this one you will need to do the following:

What to prepare:  All the printables are found below. For each child, print off one page each of the picture of Jesus, the page of 5 hearts and the page of stickers.  You may want to print the stickers onto sticker paper or you can just print them on to regular paper and have the children glue the stickers on.  I also suggest you print the page of 5 hearts onto a piece of card stock   The effect will turn out better.  You will also need one piece of clean white paper for each child as well as a glue stick or other safe glue you choose AND a red crayon with the paper taken off so that they can color with its side.

How to present the story:  I have provided you the complete telling of the story in the following pages.  Please read it a few times before sharing the story so that you are familiar with what to say.  Feel free to improvise at any time.  You may also want to practice coloring over the hearts, so that you know how the effect works.  Otherwise, just follow along with the story and have fun!

God’s Love Story

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is a special day where we get to show our family and friends how much we love them.  Some people like to show their love by giving pretty cards with lots of hearts on them.

Valentine’s Day should also be a day when we remember how much God loves us.  Did you know that God loves you very much?  (Wait for response.)  He does!  VERY much!  And did you know that God showed how much He loves you in a very special way?  (Wait for response.)  He did!  And we’re going to learn a story about God’s love.

(Show the picture of Jesus)  Who is this?  (Wait for response.)  That’s right.  It’s Jesus, God’s one and only Son.  God loves Jesus very much.

(Hold up the red heart.)  God loves you very much, too!  Let’s pretend that this red heart is FILLED with His love for you.  I’m going to glue this red heart right here to remind us how much God loves us.  I’d like you to glue your red heart in the same place.

Jesus lives in Heaven. Jesus loves you so much that He wants you to live in Heaven with Him for ever and ever.  Let’s let this yellow heart remind us of Heaven.  (Show yellow heart.)  The Bible says that there is one street made out of pure gold in Heaven.  Gold reminds us of this yellow color.  There are so many wonderful things about Heaven, but the best thing about Heaven is this – Heaven is where God lives!  And He wants you to live there too.  Would you like to live in Heaven someday?  (Wait for response.) I am glad to hear that!

Let’s glue our yellow hearts right here.  (Show children correct place.)

Here is a little heart that is dark.  The dark color reminds us of sin.  What is sin anyway?  Sin is anything I think (point to your brain), anything I say (point to your mouth), or anything I do (wiggle the fingers of your right hand, going from left to right, in front of you) that makes God (point up to God) unhappy (lightly slap your left hand with your right).  Can you say that with me again?  (Repeat definition of sin along with the moves.)

The Bible says that EVERYONE sins.  Everyone does wrong things sometimes.  Sometimes you might take something that does not belong to you.  Or you might call someone a mean name.  Those things make God unhappy and sad.

Let’s glue this dark heart right here to remind us of the sin in our lives.  (Show children correct spot.)

When we sin or do things that make God unhappy, it’s like we have a hole in our heart.

(Hold up the heart with the hole.)

Our lives are empty without Jesus.

Jesus is the only One who can clean away all of our sins so that we can live with Him in Heaven someday.

Let’s glue this heart with a hole right here.  (Show children correct spot.)

Here is a heart that is all clean!  (Show children the white heart.)  This is a picture of my heart.  When I asked Jesus to come into my heart, He cleaned away all of my sin.  He cleaned away all of my sin because I believed in Him.

I believed…

– that Jesus died on the cross for my sins

– that after He died, He came back to life

– and that He waits for me to be in Heaven with Him someday forever and ever.

Let’s glue this clean heart right here.  (Show children the correct spot.)

After all 5 hearts are glued on, continue with the story…

Would you like Jesus to clean away all of the sin in your heart, too?  (Wait for response.)  Wonderful!

Let’s let this piece of white paper remind us of how Jesus cleans away all of our sins when we ask Him to.  (Hold up white sheet of paper.)  Now, place your paper on top of all the hearts.

They’re all covered up!  When we ask Jesus to come into our hearts and clean away all of our sin, it’s like He covers us in His love.  (As you are saying the last sentence, you will color over the top piece of paper with the side of a red crayon.  As you do this, the hearts underneath appear.)

Wow!  Do you see how God’s love covers over all of our sin when we ask Him to?  God sure does love us!

God loves ME and God loves YOU!  (As you say this, glue or stick on the heart stickers as shown.)

Let’s take our paper with all the pretty red hearts and make a special Valentine’s Day placemat to set on your table at home.  It will remind you of how much God loves you!

(Finish the craft by allowing the children to place their heart stickers on.)

The End.


Picture of Jesus

Picture of 5 Hearts

Valentine’s “Stickers”

Script Page 1

Script Page 2

Script Page 3

Script Page 4

Script Page 5

Script Page 6

Script Page 7

Script Page 8


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“To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood be all the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen!”

Revelation 1:5-6

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