Scripture Lady’s Bible Memory Verse Games: Surprise Sounds

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  1. says

    this way of teaching verse is really exciting and iam going to teach this in this week sunday school .thank you so much. after joining in your website im getting lots of ideas and my sunday school have been started to multiply by gods grace.I really want to thank God for such wonderful person who help us and give nice thoughts .God bless

  2. Elvia Sauceda says

    You have given me so many fun and very neat ideas…thanks alot sweetie!! God bless you!

  3. Laura Bartleson says

    HAHA! I thought this was my idea! I have used this method in my church class & also homeschooling my kids… it has always been a fun way to learn. I always put the “voices” on strips of paper & in a box, then have the kids pick one without looking. The other kids have to guess the character of the voice. (this gets the kids listening to the scripture being said because they want to be the first to guess the voice) Besides voices, I have actions. Here are some of my ideas,
    while running a race,
    driving a race car,
    swimming or underwater,
    being chased by a dog,
    while skydiving,
    as a cheerleader,
    as a hunter,
    at the library,
    as a salon stylist,
    as a sculpture artist,
    really thirsty,
    eating cereal,
    like you are telling a grand adventure story,
    during an earthquake,
    avoiding objects thrown at you,
    as a parent on the phone,
    as a parent trying to get grocery shopping done with her rowdy kids,
    fairy princess,
    Barney the dinosaur,
    Cookie Monster,
    Buggs Bunny
    as a barbie,
    a baby,
    a farmer,
    riding a horse down a really bumpy road,
    a giant snake is gobbling you up,
    in a powerful wind tunnel,
    bugs crawling on you,
    scoring a touchdown

    Of course, some of these will be harder then others, sometimes I give the kids ideas of how to do their voice or action, but you just have to decide what will work for your class. If you have a big class, maybe just a few kids could play this game every week. (Whose gonna get picked this week?? can be part of the fun)

    My biggest tip… usually in class, the first time we play this game, no one wants to go first, so the best way to get the ball rolling is after everyone has picked their voice and/or action (and had a second to think about it) I usually pick one & do it myself…. this usually gets the kids laughing and it never fails, that’s all it takes! Even the shy kids play along.

  4. Kathy Vincent says

    Oh, my goodness! What a great idea! Thanks so much for taking the time to give lots more voices. You definitely get the Christian Teacher of the Week Award!! Blessings!

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