Bible Idea for Preschoolers: You’ve Got Bible Mail!

Coming up with a creative Bible idea for preschoolers is always fun! Here is a fun way to introduce any Bible theme you would like to share with your little ones. In my chapel presentations to preschoolers, it’s always important to me to come up with a Bible idea for preschoolers that will keep their […]

A Bible Song for the Beatitudes from Matthew 5

Kids LOVE music and here is a Bible song for the Beatitudes from Matthew 5.  Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady, LOVES writing Bible verse songs to help children learn and memorize a specific Bible verse. Matthew 5 gives us one of Jesus’ greatest parts of a sermon we call “The Beatitudes.” Take a moment to listen to […]

A Gospel Magic Trick: The Gifts of the Wise Men

This Gospel magic trick will delight your children and teach them about the gifts of the wise men to Baby Jesus. What you will need to prepare for this Gospel magic trick: Three identical decorative glass bottles with lids. Fill each bottle half way with water. In the first bottle put a few drops of yellow food coloring. […]