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Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Review Games for Different Bible Themes

Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Review Games for Different Bible Themes

SL-Elem-Resources-Themed-ButtonWelcome to Scripture Lady’s Free Bible Review Games for Different Bible Themes

There are so many wonderful themes in the Bible to teach our children. There are miracles to learn about, the need to give and receive, God’s promises, and the fact that Jesus is the light of the world – just to name a few. Presenting Bible review games for specific Bible themes can be quite fun and it’s always a chance to share lots of Scripture. Always remember, the Word of God does not return void without accomplishing its purpose in the lives of those who hear. (Isaiah 55:11)

A couple of favorite titles of Bible review games for specific Bible themes are:

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“Candy in the Bible?” – This presentation will definitely tickle your funny bone! I have taken various kinds of candy and made Bible jokes from them. For example, did you know that there are M & M’s in the Bible? Of course there are, it’s Mary and Martha! Or how about this one: Did you know there are Kit Kats in the Bible? You betcha! Just ask Daniel. He had to sleep with several of them! Perfect for anytime, but it especially goes great with “Halloween.”

“The Great Big Grab Bag” or “GBGB” for short – Go find a big, gaudy, eye-catching bag that you think will catch the attention of your kids. Then head down to your local “dollar” store and grab items that will remind you of either Bible stories or Bible verses. Place these items in the bag. For a great time filler, pass the bag around and let a child reach in and grab one of the items. Then ask him if he can think of a Bible story or Bible verse that matches the item. For example, if he pulls out a small towel, he might think of the time when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Or if he pulls out a bottle of perfume, he might think of the time Mary Magdelene poured perfume over the feet of Jesus. Reward good answers with a sticker or candy bar or points if you want to break the class into teams.

Check back often for the addition of new titles!


“Whoever believes in the Son will have eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life.”

John 3:36

(Click here for a sample of this Bible verse song.)

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