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Scripture Lady’s Bible Lessons for Kids: All Kinds of Love – Learning About God’s Love

The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible lessons for kids! Here is one called “All Kinds of Love” to help learn about God’s love.

I have written a little song for a younger group of children called “Round and Round”.  The first line says “God’s love goes round and round in a circle.”  While I sing it, I hold a hoola hoop and move it around.  I want my kids to visualize and understand that just like a circle continues on and on, so does God’s love.  In fact, God’s love for us will never stop.  He also shows us His love in many different ways.  Here’s a super Scripture game to help your kids understand this important truth.  It’s called “All Kinds of Love.”

Bible lessons for kids will help your children hide God’s Word in their hearts and for this one you will need to do the following:

For this activity, you will need to prepare 6 different cardboard hearts covered in the following 6 materials: sandpaper, different size pebbles to make it feel bumpy, foil, plastic wrap, Kleenex and fur.  Place one heart each in a brown paper lunch bag.  According to the heart inside the bag, write the following number and description outside of the bag:

1. Sandpaper – God’s love is with us when times are rough

2. Plastic Wrap – God’s love sees right through us to our heart of hearts

3. Pebbles – God’s love is with us when the road gets bumpy

4. Foil – God wants our love to reflect who He is

5. Fur – God’s love can make us feel warm and fuzzy inside

6. Kleenex – God’s love holds us when we cry

Finally, you will also need to provide a piece of paper and pencil for each child.

How to play:

Have all the children sit in a circle with about 2 feet between each of them.  Begin passing Bag #1 to the first child.  He is to reach into the bag without looking inside and feel the heart.  Explain that there is a clue on the outside of the bag to help them discover the material the heart is covered in.  He passes the bag to the next person and they do the same.  You can start Bag #2 with the first child or you can wait for Bag #1 to go around the whole circle before sending Bag #2.  Once all the bags have gone around and guesses have been written down it is time to reveal what is in each bag.  Whoever made the most correct guesses can win a prize if you’d like.

Be prepared.  The kids will probably want to play this again.  If so, have another 6 lunch bags with only numbers 1 – 6 written on them.  Pass them around once again for them to make their guesses.

Before playing the game, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Raise your hand if you believe God’s love will last forever and ever.  (Wait for response.)  If you raised your hand, good for you.  It’s true.  God’s love will never ever stop.  Did you guys know that God shows His love to us in lots of different ways?  He does.  (For each of the following examples, hold up one of the lunch bags with the corresponding clue.)  Bag #1:  For example, God shows us His love when life is rough.  Who can give us an example of when life has been rough for you?  (Wait for responses.)  Bag #2:  God’s love sees right through us to our heart of hearts.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to hide something from God.  (Wait for response.)  It’s pretty silly if we try to hide from God!  Because God loves you so much, He’s willing to look at all of you – the good and bad inside.  As we trust Him, His love changes us and forgives our sins.  Bag #3: God shows His love to us when the road gets bumpy.  Life is a journey.  It will have its ups and downs, smooth roads and bumpy roads.  Bag #4: God wants our love for Him to reflect His goodness to others.  What are some ways we can reflect God’s goodness to others?  (Wait for responses.)  Bag #5:  God’s love can make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.  There’s nothing like a great big hug from someone you love. God’s love is even more amazing and wonderful than the best hug you could ever get.  Bag #6:  Finally, God’s love will always be there for you when you are sad.  God sees every tear you cry.  So, the next time you are sad, curl up in His lap and tell Him how you feel.  OK!  Now let’s play a game with each of these bags called “All Kinds of Love.”

At this point, explain the rules and play the game.  Have fun!

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