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Sing and Shout for Joy! – The Scripture Lady’s Newest Preschool Bible Program

“Sing and Shout for Joy!” is The Scripture Lady’s newest preschool Bible program designed to teach children ages 2 – 6 that Jesus loves it when they sing and shout for joy to Him.

I am so excited to announce the debut of my newest program for preschool children called, “Sing and Shout for Joy!” This program was inspired by the sermons about joy I have been listening to lately by John Piper. If you are not familiar with this pastor and speaker out of Minnesota, I highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with him through YouTube or his own site called

John Piper believes that “God gets the most glory when we are the most delighted in Him.” Delight speaks of joy and teaching children to take delight in Jesus and His Word is what my ministry is all about.

Here is an outline of this sweet and joyful program called “Sing and Shout for Joy!”

To get the program rolling, I tell the children that we are going to sing and shout for joy to Jesus. When we sing and shout for joy to Jesus, we are taking the time to praise Jesus and there are lots of ways to praise God. Take for instance Psalm 150:3-4, which says:

“Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,
  praise him with the harp and lyre,
Praise him with timbrel and dancing,
  praise him with the strings and pipe…” (NIV)

As a little gift, here are the slides I am using to help share part of this verse.

Just click on each link and then print them off or use them in a Power Point presentation.

Psalm 150:3-4 Slides

Slide One

Slide Two

Slide Three

Slide Four

Slide Five

Next, comes the theme song for the program, which comes from Psalm 66:1-2, which says:

“Shout for joy to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of his name;
  make his praise glorious.” (NIV)

The song is called “Shout, Shout, Shout” and is part of my “PSALMS CD” Collection, which you can purchase in my store.

After the theme song is shared, we have a visit from my “cousin” Pollyanne. Pollyanne LOVES to sing songs to Jesus. With her southern twang, she introduces the children to an old classic called “I’m Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing!” The children will love “playing” their instruments right along with Pollyanne as she raises the joy level in the room.

After this, I tell the children that taking time praise Jesus is a lot like cheering for Him, kind of like a cheerleader cheers for a team.

At this point, I take out my pom-poms and invite some children to come up and be cheerleaders for Jesus while shouting out some fun cheers, such as this one:

Big G, Big O, Big D!

That spells God!

To Him we sing!

Yay! God!

After the pom-poms get put away, it’s time for the children to learn that they can be joyful in Jesus even on sad or difficult days. They will learn this truth while I share the Bible Story Order Song of Paul and Silas. This story is great for proclaiming the power of praising God even in the midst of a very hard situation.

Take a look at one of the pictures that I will show during this singing game:

Paul and Silas Confront the Guard of the Prison

Over the last year, the children in my audiences have come to expect a visit from Jack and Jill – two siblings who are learning all about loving Jesus. This time the children will hear Jack and Jill sing the Sunday School favorite “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy” song.

Here’s a sample video of Jack and Jill singing “Jesus Loves Me”:

Click HERE to learn how to purchase this downloadable song and its video, script and training video for only $5.00

Now it’s time for one of my object lessons with a magical twist. This time I am going to write a new script that goes along with “The Elephant’s Toothpaste” trick that you can find by clicking HERE. If you’ve never seen this fun chemical reaction in action, you are in for a real treat. The kids always LOVE this presentation. But like I said, this time I will be giving a message all about God’s joy bubbling over inside of us when He fills us with His joy.

For a limited time, I will give you the script for it that follows:

I have some different things here in my box.

Here is a bottle and I want this bottle to remind you of you.

Here is a pretty bottle filled with a pretty yellow liquid. Yellow is a joyful color. So, let’s let this pretty bottle remind us of our joy in Jesus.

When you love Jesus, you want to be filled with the joy of Jesus. So, you begin to praise Jesus by telling Jesus how wonderful He is.

Can we all say, “You’re wonderful, Jesus!” (Wait for responses.)

You just got filled up with a little more joy.

Should we keep getting filled with more joy? (Wait for responses.)

You praise Jesus by singing a little song to Jesus like…Jesus loves me this I know…

You just got filled up with a little more joy.

Should we keep getting filled with more joy? (Wait for responses.)

This time you praise Jesus by shouting His name with love.

Let’s shout the name of Jesus! (Responses: Jesus!)

Wow! Look at all that joy!

But it’s not bubbling over yet.

I want our joy to bubble over.

Hey, look what I have here. The label says “Extra Joy. Just add water.”

I want extra joy. Do you want extra joy?

Let’s add water to this extra joy.

Now let’s add our extra joy to the joy we already have and let’s see what happens.

(Pour yeast and water into bottle and wait for “explosion.”)

Wow! Our God’s joy is bubbling over!

That’s what happens when we take time to sing and shout for joy to Jesus!

(Script by Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady)

Finally, it’s time for a visit from Scruffy! Scruffy, a Darcie Maze puppet, will delight the children when they learn that his heart is filled with joy for Jesus!

Last but not least, I end the program with one of the very first Bible verse songs I ever wrote called “Joy, Joy, Joy” based on Nehemiah 8:10. This can be found on my first CD called “Scripture Lady Sings The Fruit of the Spirit.”

Take a look at a sample video of this song:

Click HERE to learn how to purchase this downloadable song and the video of the moves for only $2.49.

Want my full “Fruit of the Spirit” CD

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