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Pop ‘Em – A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity Using Balloons

“Pop ‘Em!” is a fun Bible memory verse activity using balloons that you can use to help learn any scripture in the Bible. It incorporates any Bible verse songs that you might have hanging around in your music collection or pairs very nicely with The Scripture Lady’s “75 Downloadable Bible Verse Songs” collection.

In my mind, a Bible memory verse activity using balloons PLUS a Bible verse song is a winning combination! Kids love music and you as their parent or teacher want them to also love the Bible. Try this fun Bible memory verse activity, “Pop ‘Em” to help bring some zing into learning the Bible with your kids.

Check out this video that shares how to play this fun Bible memory verse activity using balloons:

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This is how you play:

For this game, you will need to divide your kids into 2 teams.

Pick a Bible verse that you want your kids to learn, such as Romans 3:23. Divide the verse into into either individual words OR phrases. Each word or phrase will be written on a small piece of paper that can be rolled up and placed inside a balloon. You will need one balloon for each piece of paper. You will need to make identical sets of balloons for both teams.

Next, you will want to play a Bible verse song that goes with the scripture that you chose. The background music is fun, but also will help the teams put the verse in correct order if they are listening.

You are ready to play. Put the Bible verse song on and on the word, “GO!” both teams begin popping their balloons so that they can get to the piece of paper inside the balloon. They must hurry to put the scripture in it’s correct order. They could do this on the floor or a table or on a pocket chart like you see in the video.

The first team to get their Bible verse put in correct order is the winner.

That’s it! Now go do some popping!

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