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Scripture Lady’s Bible Review Games: How to Play Bible Baseball


The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible review games! Here is one called “Bible Baseball.”

Have you been to a baseball game lately?  No?  Then start a game of your own – Bible Baseball style!

Set Up: You will need 4 bases – one home plate, one 1st base, one 2nd base, and one 3rd base.  You will also need one card of each of the following titles – Home run, Single, Double, and Triple.  Place the bases on the ground in baseball diamond fashion and place the cards in a bucket.

Bible review games will help your children learn God’s Word in a fun way and for this one you will need to do the following:

 Pick one child from each team.  Decide who goes first.  Give the child a Bible review question.  If he/she gets it correct, they now get the chance to pick a card out of the bucket.  If they pick the single card they move to first base, the double card moves them to second base, the triple card moves them to third base and the Home Run card gives them an automatic home run.  Place the chosen card back into the bucket.  At this point of the game, both teams have had their first players “up to bat”.

The second child from the 1st team goes next and follows the same procedure.  Whatever card he/she picks will also move ahead any of his team members that are already on another base.  For example, if a Team A child is on 2nd base and another Team A child comes “up to bat” and picks a double card, the first Team A child now goes to Home plate and scores a run for their team while his teammate goes to second base.

The team with the most home runs at the end of your Bible review time wins.

Just in case you’re interested, you might want to check out this book with even more Bible lessons for your kids: The Everything Kids Bible Trivia Book: Stump Your Friends and Family With Your Bible Knowledge (Everything Kids Series)

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“Anyone who brings a sinner back from the wrong way will save that sinner’s soul from death.”

James 5:20

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5 thoughts on “Scripture Lady’s Bible Review Games: How to Play Bible Baseball”

  • I used this game for a children’s class at Family camp and the kids loved it! I changed a few things which made the game more realistic and fun for the children. I used baseballs and attached small tags to each ball ( use stickers or tape a small square of paper). I wrote S – for single, D- for Double, Tr- for triple, HR- for homerun. Also, I had 3 balls with Out on them. I used 5 balls for Singles and one ball for the rest. I used a small box for the balls (which was shaken each time) and allowed the children to pick a ball. I also had an area to tape down bases which the children would walk around according to what they “batted”. Children were divided into 2 teams and each child was asked a question, if they couldn’t answer their teammates were allowed to help them get the correct answer so they could choose a ball. Everyone wanted to choose a ball so as not to discourage them I thought this worked well. The inning ended when either they had 3 outs or we went through the entire batting lineup one time. The kids loved this game I will certainly be using this again! Thanks!

  • we play this on a chalk board in Bible class with dice. Ace is a single, 2 is a double, 3 is a triple, 4 is a foul, 3 fouls is an out, 5 is an out and 6 is a home run.

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