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Your Autograph, Please!: Vacation Bible School Ideas for Elementary Kids


Vacation Bible School ideas are great for elementary kids ! Here is one called “Your Autograph, Please!”

Kids love to get autographs and give their autograph.

Vacation Bible School ideas for elementary kids will make your VBS even more special and for this one you will need to do the following:

Begin by giving each child an autograph book.  This could be as simple as having the kids staple together some pieces of constructions paper or as elaborate as a photo book.  Somewhere inside the book include this list of autographs for the child to obtain.

1.     Your Sunday school teacher.

2.     A person who can recite all the books of the Bible accurately.

3.     A person who has known the Lord more than thirty years.

4.     Your pastor.

5.     A person who has known the Lord less than one year.

6.     Someone who can say John 3:16.

7.     A Gospel Songwriter.

8.     Someone who can sing “This Little Light of Mine”.

9.     Someone who loves you.

10. Someone you would like to grow up to be just like.

11. Someone who has his or her Bible with them.

12. Someone who has 10 Bible verses memorized.

13. Someone who can find Psalm 23 in under 10 seconds.

14. Someone whose name begins with “J”, just like Jesus.

15. Someone who has gone to the same church their whole life.

The list could be endless.  Maybe you could have a special prize for the child who is able tot complete the list.

Just in case you’re interested, you might want to check out this book with even more Bible Lesson Ideas for your kids: Big Book of Bible Crafts (Big Books)

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