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What Can We Learn About God from the Animals Preschool Bible Program

“What Can We Learn About God from the Animals” is The Scripture Lady’s newest preschool Bible program designed to teach children ages 2-6 that they can learn about God from different animals in the Bible.

“What Can We Learn About God from the Animals” is a program that I have recycled from several years ago and have added several brand new elements to make it fresh and new.

You can never go wrong when you mix preschoolers, animals and the Bible together. It is always a winning combination!

Here is an outline of this fun and sometimes “furry” program called “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals”:

Bible Song #1: First off, I share my newest Bible theme song with the same title as the program – “What Can We Learn About God from the Animals”.

This song showcases 5 different animals in the Bible: a snake, a bear, a dove, a lion and a whale.

Here’s a LIVE video sample of this song:

A Scripture Lady Character: Next up, Scripture Granny! The preschoolers that I get to minister to every month LOVE Scripture Granny! For this program, Scripture Granny shares her song all about Noah’s floating zoo.

The song is called “Two by Two” and the children are shown pictures of animals to help them learn about all the great creatures God made.

Here is a sample of Scripture Granny singing the song:

Bible Game #1: After we say, “Goodbye,” to Scripture Granny, we then play a fun game together called “Who Made That Roar?” This game has been a part of my repertoire for many years and the preschoolers love it.

You can actually click HERE to learn how to play this sweet game and get the downloadable files as well for FREE!

Bible Song #2: Now it’s time for the children to learn about my favorite story in the Bible with animals – Daniel in the Lions’ Den. To share this great and amazing story, I wrote a Bible story song put to a catchy beat with a “rap” feel.

Here’s a LIVE video sample of this song:

Bible Game #2: “Fishing for Faithful Bible Friends” – Fishing takes a lot of patience. This fun Bible game will get your preschoolers thinking about people in the Bible who were also patient and faithful to God while doing a little “fishing” at the same time.

Here’s a LIVE video sample of this game:

Object Lesson with a Magical Twist: The Animals in the Bible Box

A special box plus some pictures of animals plus some found sound effects makes for a VERY fun way to share several Bible verses that showcase animals.

Here’s a LIVE video sample of this lesson:

Scruffy Visits the Kids: During this visit, Scruffy learns that he is my favorite animal that God has made. Scruffy then shares that he has some animal friends. The children get to see his dog friends, Bella, Butch, Chopper and Rocky.

Here’s a LIVE video sample of Scruffy’s visit:

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