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Pick-a-Letter: A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

What are you glad about?  What truly brings you joy?  As Christians we have much to be glad about even in the midst of living in a world filled with sadness.  Psalm 5:11 says this: “But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.”  How thankful we can be that God is truly our refuge.  We will be singing for joy forever and ever and ever.  Here is a fun Bible review game to help us learn this wonderful Bible verse.  It’s called “Pick a Letter.”

Here’s what you do:

There are two parts to this game.  The first part requires you to make a card for each word in Psalm 5:11.  Include a card for the reference as well.  Place these in correct

verse order on a pocket chart or on a table for the class to easily see.  The second part of this game will require you to make 2 sets of letter cards for each of the words listed below.  Make sure that none of the cards you make are see through.  You don’t want the kids to be able to “read” any words or letters when they are turned over.  You will place one set of the letter cards in their sets, as described below, on a pocket chart or a board.  Place the second set of matching letters in scrambled order on the other side of the board or down at the bottom.  Finally, make 3 cards that say the following:

  1. Book  (300)
  2. Person  (200)
  3. Place  (100)

How to play:

Divide your class into 2 teams.  After going over Psalm 5:11 with your class, scramble 6 cards on your Scripture display.  A child from team one will come forward.  He will be given 10 seconds to put the verse back in correct order.  If he is successful, he now gets to choose a letter he believes is in one of the categories.  He will then make a guess as to the word in which a letter was revealed.  If he guesses correctly, he earns the number of points for that category for his team.  He also gets to pick another letter and can actually make another guess of the word.  If he guesses wrong, play goes to the next team.  The child from team two must unscramble the Scripture chart again.  If successful, he now picks a letter and follows the same rules as already stated.  After a set of words is revealed, you will need to replace them with the next set.  The team with the most points after guessing all sets of words is the winner.

Before playing, you might want to introduce the lesson in the following way:

Raise your hand if you can tell me something you are really glad about.  In other words, what really brings you lots of joy?  (Wait for responses.)  As a Christian, would you agree that we have lots to be glad about?  (Wait for responses.)  I hope your answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  Even though this life can get really hard and difficult at times, we can be glad that there is an amazing and perfect home waiting for us called Heaven.  We can also be glad that God is with us right now and helping us live our lives even when it is difficult.  Who would like to read Psalm 5:11?  (Wait for response.)  To “take refuge” means to escape to safety.  God promises to keep us safe if we run into His arms and trust Him with our lives.  As we trust Him more, we will find ourselves singing His praises more and more.  Let’s play a game to help us learn this great Bible verse.  It’s called “Pick a Letter.”

At this point, have your class recite Psalm 5:11 several times then play the game.

List of Bible Sets:

  1. JONAH
  2. SAUL
  3. JUDAH
  2. MARY
  2. DAVID
  3. RED SEA
  3. EDEN
  4. RUTH
  6. SODOM

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