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O Bethlehem Bible Song with the Bible Story Suitcase

Teach the O Bethlehem Bible song to your children this Christmas to help them learn the main points of the Christmas story. Bethlehem was little, but God used this city to carry out His big plan.

The O Bethlehem Bible song is fresh out of the recording studio for this year’s Christmas season of 2018. I was able to debut this song just yesterday in front of a 100 preschoolers. But I didn’t just sing this song, I shared it with my newest ministry tool that I call “The Bible Story Suitcase.”

The Bible Story Suitcase is a prop that I have been dreaming about having for a couple of years. My vision for this great tool has finally come to fruition and I can’t wait to share it with all who get to see it.

It was inspired by the old traveling salesmen who would pull up into a town with his wagon and begin transforming it into a wonderful stage where he could sell his wares. I took an old suitcase that I have had for many years and asked my good friend Barney Kinard to transform it into a storytelling stage. I wanted to maintain an antique feel and I believe that we achieved my vision.

Take a look at a sample of the moves to this video:

For a limited time, you can click HERE to download this song for your own children. Hurry, before I make it into a product!


Here are the fun lyrics to the O Bethlehem Bible song:


O Bethlehem, O Bethlehem

A little town in Judah’s land

You may be small, but you are grand

You’re where our Savior was born

Joseph took his wife Mary

To Bethlehem, a small city

Mary’s time had finally come

To give birth to her baby Son

There was no room in the inn

To the stable they did go

Mary had her baby boy

And placed Him in the manger with joy


In the fields it was night

The shepherds watched their sheep. Bah

Then low and behold an angel appeared

And said to them, “Do not fear!”

The angel said, “I bring you news

That will fill you with great joy

In Bethlehem your Savior is born

Jesus, Messiah is your Lord


The shepherds went to Bethlehem

To see the baby boy

They spread the news of His birth

Praising God for all His worth

Then Mary treasured all these things

And kept them in her heart

May all who hear be amazed

For God deserves all our praise

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