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Christmas Concentration Cards Game by The Scripture Lady

Play the Christmas Concentration Cards game with your kids this Christmas season for some fun and review of the true Christmas story of when Jesus came to earth as a little baby.

This Christmas Concentration Cards game can be easily played in your home or any classroom where you would like to remember the Christmas story and its main points.

Why is it important to remember the Christmas story? For one reason, God loves when we take the time to remember who He is and what He has done for us. The events of Christmas are some of the most important in the Bible. Playing the Christmas Concentration Cards game will help you and your kids pause and remember God’s great goodness and love to all the world.

Psalm 77:11 says this: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

The Bible story pictures for the Christmas Concentration Cards game come from a great resource which I purchased several years ago. They come from a 2-DVD collection called “The Ultimate Bible Picture Collection.” All of these pictures are found in the public domain.

How to play the Christmas Concentration Cards game:

This game is played just like the old game of “Concentration.” I have provided you with 11 sets of cards below. Each set showcases one part of the Christmas story.

Print all the cards onto card stock and back them with the backing I have provided for you. Cut the cards out.

Shuffle the cards so that they are all mixed up and lay them all face down on a table or floor.

Let each person take a turn at turning over 2 cards and see if they can make a match. The person who has made the most matches wins.

After playing the game, see if you kids can put all the cards in the correct order of the Christmas story as they happened in the Bible. You could even time them and see who can do it the fastest. You can also ask the kids what their favorite part of the Christmas story is and why.

Have fun!

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 1

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 2

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 3

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 4

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 5

Christmas Concentration Cards Set 6

Backings for Cards (Print 6 pages)


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