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Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible Activity for Christmas by The Scripture Lady

This Christmas, play the Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible activity with your kids to help them learn about 5 different gifts they can give the King of kings on His birthday. Perfect for young children this holiday season.

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday! The Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible activity can be a great addition to your Christmas celebration whether in your home or classroom. This activity will teach your kids that they can give presents to Jesus on His birthday that He would love to receive. For example, your kids will learn that they can give Jesus their hands and all that they do and create with them.

Take a look at this sample video presentation of the Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible activity:

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What to prepare for the Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible activity:

For this activity, you will want to create a birthday cake worthy of Jesus’ birthday. As you can see in the video, I created mine as a big banner. You could create one on a bulletin board or better yet, bake one and enjoy it afterwards.

You will also need birthday candles for your cake. If you are using a pretend cake, then purchase some battery operated lights that can often be found at your local dollar store.

Next, you will want to create pictures for the following 5 gifts that can be given to Jesus:






I suggest you print your pictures on card stock so that they will last longer.

You will also want to write up a little poem or short explanation of each gift. For example, here is the poem I wrote for the gift of our hands:

For Christmas, Jesus, I give You my hands.

May I make things that please You

And things that are grand.

Attach your poems or explanations onto the back of each gift.

Finally, you will need to gather 5 Christmas gift bags into which your “gift” pictures will go. Place the gifts near the birthday cake along with the candles.

You are ready to play the Happy Birthday, Jesus Bible activity:

Tell the children that Christmas is the holiday when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Ask them if they have ever been to a birthday party. Ask them if they have brought a gift for the birthday boy or girl. Tell them that they can give Jesus gifts on His birthday, too. They don’t have to go buy these gifts at the store. These are gifts that they can give Jesus every day of their lives.

Show the children the birthday cake, candles and birthday presents. Invite a child to choose a gift bag. Let him pull out the gift. Read your poem or explanation, then let the child add as many candles to the cake as you would like him to. I let each of my kids add 2 candles each.

After all the gifts have been opened, sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus!

That’s it! I hope you have fun!

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