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The Gospel Cube Song by The Scripture Lady – Perfect for The Evangecube

Sing the Gospel Cube song to your kids to help them learn the main points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Perfect for the Evangecube!

I recently shared the Gospel Cube song in my newest Easter program called “O Happy Day.” I knew that I wanted to share the gospel with both preschool and elementary kids. I also knew that I had The Evangecube from E3 Resources. So, I decided to write a song that creatively shares the gospel while captivating the kids with this great visual tool.

The Evangecube is truly a great resource for any Christian home or classroom. I have the children’s version that shows more childlike pictures for all the main points of the gospel.

Here is a picture of the small Evangecube made by E3 Resources.

Click HERE to learn how to purchase the BIG version of the Evangecube.

Take a look at this sample video showing the moves to the Gospel Cube Song:

Click HERE to learn how to get the downloadable song and video for the “Gospel Cube Song” for only $2.49.

Here are the lyrics to the Gospel Cube Song:

I have a question. Where are you going

After your life on earth is done?

Will it be Heaven, living forever with Jesus God’s Son

It’s important to know where you will go

Because you can’t get to Heaven on your own

The Bible tells us that we are sinners.

This means we think and say and do what’s wrong

Sin is deadly and separates us from knowing our great God

So, how do we get from here to there?

That’s why I sing this song and why I share

God is loving and very patient

And wants us all to love His Son

But God must punish every sinner – that means everyone

But because of God’s love, God gave His Son

He died on the cross for everyone

But through God’s power, Jesus rose up

From the dead and is alive

Now God wants you to trust in Jesus

So your life can thrive

If you believe what Jesus did

Then from all sin you will be rid

Now are you ready to make a decision

And trust in all God’s done for you?

Then say to Jesus that you love Him

And want His forgiveness through and through

If you said that prayer from deep in your heart

Then welcome to the family of God!

How can you use this Gospel Cube song with your children?

  1. Use this song to help your children become familiar with the main points of the gospel.
  2. Sing this song to help your children learn how to share their faith with others.
  3. Use this song to quiz your kids on the main points of the gospel.
  4. The Gospel Cube song will help children remember God’s word!

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