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Bible Poem for Pentecost for Kids by The Scripture Lady

This Bible poem for Pentecost for kids will introduce your children to this miraculous story of when Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to live among us and to establish His church.

The Bible poem for Pentecost for kids was an element I wanted to add to my newest Bible Time Program that I am working on called, “God Gives Us Power.” This particular poem is for the younger child and will actually become one of my “Bible Story Order Songs” for this new program.

A “Bible Story Order Song” is a musical technique I use in which I take a Bible story and split the story into 5 or 6 parts. I write a poetic portion for each part and also include a Bible picture that goes with each part of the story. As I sing through the order of the story, I stop after each part and allow a child to come forward and find the picture that best showcases the part of the story I just sang about.

Here are some pictures that show the different visuals I use with my “Bible Story Order Songs.”

This first picture shows my “Bible Story Order Banner.” As you can see, the banner is divided into 6 parts as seen by the numbers. Each square has a plastic pocket into which the child will place the picture of the part of the story we just sang about. Therefore, we work our way through the story through rhyme and pictures.









This second picture shows when all the pictures have been added.









Today, I am giving you the poem I just created to tell the story of Pentecost. Your kids will be amazed when the hear of how the Holy Spirit came into the upper room like a rushing wind. And they will wonder at the strange flames of fire that settled on the heads of everyone in the room.

The story of Pentecost will give you the opportunity to teach your children that God wants to fill each of them with the power of His Holy Spirit so that they have all they need to go and share the good news of Jesus Christ with all they meet.

Below, I am giving you the Bible poem for Pentecost for kids. If you would like to receive the 6 pictures that go with the poem, you can click on the following green button and sign up to receive them straight into your email.

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The Bible Poem for Pentecost for Kids by The Scripture Lady

Bible stories have a beginning

Bible stories have an end

Bible stories have some middle parts too

Let’s learn about this story

From the beginning to the end

We will learn more about God because it’s true

Let’s learn about a day called Pentecost

Our story begins after Jesus went back

To Heaven where He sits on His throne

It was time for the holiday called Pentccost

A time to thank God for their harvests that had grown

Who can find the first picture of our story?

Take a pause.

The next part of our story was in an upper room

A hundred and twenty people were there

Jesus’ friends and His mother were praying to the Lord

They had all come together and their hearts were full of prayer

Who can find the second picture of our story?

Take a pause.

This part of the story is amazing indeed

The room was filled with a mighty strong wind

The people then saw tongues of fire upon each head

The Holy Spirit filled each person with His power. Yes He did!

Who can find the third picture of our story?

Take a pause.

As our story continues, we learn a strange thing

All the people in the room began to speak

In many languages they’d never spoke nor maybe ever heard

They spoke in other languages even though they all knew Greek

Who can find the fourth picture of our story?

Take a pause.

The next part of our story says the people outside

Thought what was going on was very strange

When they heard their own language spoke praising God, (It’s no joke!)

Some made fun of Jesus’ friends, while others were amazed

Who can find the fifth picture of our story?

Take a pause.

As we close our story what can we learn

About the Holy Spirit’s power and love?

We learn that God loves His church and has gifts to give each one

As we follow the Holy Spirit who is God from Heaven above

Who can find the last picture of our story?

Take a pause.

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