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This Little Light of Mine Song PLUS the Story of the Menorah

This Little Light of Mine song sung by The Scripture Lady is perfect for the October season and will teach your kids that they need to shine their lights for Jesus all the time!

This Little Light of Mine song is one of my all time favorites. I always pull it out during the month of October to coincide with the lighting of my pumpkin.

As I prepare to share my newest musical Bible program, “Jesus is the Light of the World,” I knew that my This Little Light of Mine song would have to be a special part of the presentation.

To give you a little taste, here’s a sample of me sharing the moves:

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In my new program, I will also be sharing the story of the menorah, or lamp stand, that was part of the temple of God found in Exodus 25.

Today, I am giving you the story I will be sharing with the kids.

I will be using my newest prop that I call “The Scripture Lady Bible Story Board.” On it, I will show a large menorah upon which the children will get to place little candles as we light each lamp. Next to the menorah will be a picture of a priest in the temple of God.

The first 5 people who leave a comment below, will get the pictures that I will be using for free. I will send them to you in an email once you leave your comment. Otherwise, you will need to find a picture of the menorah in the temple to show your children to go along with the story.

Here is the story of “The Menorah in the Temple of God.”

There are lights all around us. The sun and moon are lights. The stars in the sky are twinkling lights. And of course we have electrical lamps and candles.

Did you know that there are lights in the Bible?  I want to tell you about one very special light in the Bible. Let’s open up my Bible Story Board to learn about this special light.

This special light is called a menorah. It has 7 lamps. Let’s count them together. (Point and count the lamps on the menorah.)

The menorah is a picture of how God shines His light for all to see.

It stood in the temple of God. The temple of God was God’s special house of worship.

This is a High Priest who worked in God’s temple.

It was the job of the priest to light the menorah’s lamps at night when the sun went down. The lamps would burn all night long. In the morning, the priest would clean the lamps getting them ready for their next lighting.

Let’s light this menorah and all seven of it’s lamps.

I will ask one of you to come up and pick a light out of my basket.

Each light will be lit for someone special in our lives.

You will put the light on the menorah where I tell you to put it.

Here we go!

(For this part of the story, I am using the little battery operated tea lights that I get at the “dollar” store. My board is magnetic, so I will place a magnet on the back of each light for it to stick to my board. You could create a bulletin board with your menorah and perhaps tape the lights on. Attached to each light, I place a card that gives the reason for each light. I place the lights with their cards in a small basket. I let one child come and pick a light out according to the order listed below in the story. I read the card and then let the child stick the light onto the menorah.)

  1. This first light is for Jesus who is the light of the world

He gives me His light to shine to every boy and girl (The middle lamp.)

2. Let’s light this part of the menorah for my mom and dad

May my light shine bright for them to help make them glad (First lamp from center.)

3. Let’s light this part of the menorah for my friends at school

I want to shine my light for them because I think they’re cool (First lamp from center.)

4. Let’s light this part of the menorah for my teachers who are the best

Like Jesus, they teach me how to shine my light so all are blessed (Second lamp from center.)

5. Let’s light this part of the menorah for sisters or brothers I see every day

Help me be a light to them and get along when we play (Second lamp from center.)

6. Let’s light this part of the menorah for people who don’t know God

These people live in darkness, so for them let me shine brightest of all (Third lamp from center.)

7. Let’s light this part of the menorah. It’s the last one to light.

This little light is for me to remind me to love Jesus and do what’s right. (Third lamp from center.)

OK. Let’s pretend it is nighttime. Let’s turn off all the lights to see how bright our menorah shines! Now let’s sing the This Little Light of Mine song. (Turn off lights for a few seconds for the children to see, then put them back on.)

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