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Shine Your Light for Jesus Bible Object Lesson by The Scripture Lady

“Shine Your Light for Jesus” Bible object lesson will delight your kids as they learn about how important it is to shine their lights for Jesus in this dark world.

“Shine Your Light for Jesus” Bible object lesson uses a great magical effect called the “Color Changing Candle in a Frame.” This lesson will remind your children that God wants them to shine His light for all to see through acts of love.

I actually wrote the script for “Shine Your Light for Jesus” for one of my musical Bible programs called “Jesus is the Light.” I shared it during the month of October with the desire to counteract the darkness that usually lurks around at this time of year when people celebrate Halloween.

As Christians, we are never to have anything to do with the darkness of this world. John 9:12 says this: “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus commands us to not hide our lights, but to let them shine brightly so that people may see our good deeds and praise the Father in Heaven.

“Shine Your Light for Jesus” Bible object lesson tells about 3 different acts of love to shine brightly for Jesus.

Take a look at the following video presentation to learn what these 3 acts of love are:

If you would like the downloadable version of this video, CLICK HERE to learn how to purchase it for only $6.00.

In addition to sharing the “Shine Your Light for Jesus” Bible object lesson, I want to give you a Bible verse game called “Light the Candle” that would be great to play with your elementary kids. I have provided you with the downloadable Bible verse cards you can use for the game along with pictures of the candles that the kids will assemble during the game.

Here’s what you need to play “Light the Candle”:

You will need one Bible.

You will need to print off the 10 Bible verse cards I have provided below. There are 2 cards on each page. Cut the page down the middle to give 2 separate cards.

You will need to cut out and gather pieces of construction paper to create the 2 candles, one for each team. Here is a picture showing the colors I used.

One candle is red and the other is yellow. Each candle is made up of 5 pieces – 3 base pieces, the candle and the flame.

For extra fun, grab a bag of candy such as M&M’s.

How to play “Light the Candle”:

Shuffle the Bible verse cards and lay them face down.

Give the pieces of the candle to each team. Place the “Candles Poster” nearby for a point of reference on how to build their candle.

Team One will pick one of the Bible verse cards. They must find the Bible verse in the Bible before a given amount of time is up. For example, you might set your stop watch to 15 seconds. If they can find the verse in the Bible in the given time, then they get to add the first piece to their candle. (The candles should be built from the bottom up.) However, if the team could not find the verse in the given time, Team Two will get to try and find the verse. If they are successful, they will add a piece to their candle. If neither team can find the verse in the allotted time, then the Bible verse card gets shuffled back into the pile until it is successfully found.

The first team to build their candle first, is the winner.

For extra fun, let team members have one candy each time they get to add a piece to their candle.

Printable Downloads for “Light the Candle”:

Candles Poster

Bible Verse Cards Page 1

Bible Verse Cards Page 2

Bible Verse Cards Page 3

Bible Verse Cards Page 4

Bible Verse Cards Page 5

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