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Bible Object Lessons for Kids – Satan’s Stop Signs

The Scripture Lady loves creating Bible object lessons for kids! Here is one called “Satan’s Stop Signs.”

There’s a saying that goes “the devil made me do it.”  I don’t think this is right or more importantly biblical.  If we sin, we do it on our own.  However, I think it would be correct to say, “the devil tried to make me not do it” – whatever “it” may be.  1 Thessalonians 2:18 says this: “Satan hindered us.”  Your kids need to be aware of this enemy and his different ploys to try and get them off track.  Here is a fun Bible object lesson to help teach this important truth.

Bible object lessons for kids will help the Bible’s truths come to life and for this one you will need to do the following:

The object you will use for this lesson will be a stop sign.  You can print a picture of one off of the Internet, laminate it and place it on a paint stick.

Ask the following questions to help stimulate discussion:

1.     What am I holding up? (Hold up the stop sign and wait for a response.)  You’re right.  It’s a stop sign.

2.     What are stop signs for?  (Wait for responses.)

3.     Most of the time stop signs are used to protect us.  But can a stop sign ever get in our way or hinder us from doing something important?  (Wait for responses.  You might use the example of needing to get to the hospital quickly and you don’t have time to stop at the sign.)

4.     Did you know that Satan sometimes tries to put up a stop sign in front of you so that you won’t do the right thing?

5.     Ask a child to read 1 Thessalonians 2:18.

6.     Say the following: Let’s learn a little more about this portion of Scripture and how it teaches us to live our lives for God.  Here are 3 important points about this truth.

Point 1: Do you know what the word hinder means?  If someone hinders you, it means they are trying to stop you from doing what you want to do.

Point 2: Let me give you some examples of how God’s enemy, Satan, tries to hinder or stop you from doing what God wants you to do.  If you want to be kind, he’ll try to make you be mean.  If you want to believe and trust in Jesus, he will try to make you doubt His love for you.  Or if you want to pray quietly to the Lord, he will try to make your thoughts very busy.  Can anyone think of some other ways Satan tries to hinder us?  (Wait for responses.)

Point 3: Now, we never have to be surprised or afraid when Satan hinders us, because if he is hindering you it means that you are doing God’s work.  Just ask for God’s strength to help you finish the good work you’ve started.  God will always help you.

This 3-Point Bible Object Lesson for Kids was inspired by my reading of C.H. Spurgeon’s devotional on I Thessalonians 2:18 from his book Morning and Evening.  You too can be inspired by your favorite Christian authors and come up with your own 3-Point Sermon for Kids.

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