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Put a Lid On It: A Bible Memory Verse Game for Kids

“Put a Lid On It” is a fun Bible memory verse game you can play with your elementary kids the next time you want them to memorize a scripture. “Put a Lid On It” uses everyday containers and their lids to help promote Bible memory while having lots of fun.

I LOVE creating new Bible memory verse games for kids and “Put a Lid On It” is a game that I think all your children will enjoy. Just follow the directions below and get ready for some fun!

What you need to prepare for “Put a Lid On It”:

    1. Choose a Bible verse you would like your kids to learn. The length is up to you. Obviously, the longer a verse is, the harder it is to memorize.
    2. Gather enough containers and their lids that at least match or exceed the number of children you are working with. If you have a class of 11 kids, which is an odd number, I would gather 12 containers and their lids. If you are working with a small group such as 3 or 4 kids, I would gather 6 or 8 containers.

  1. You will also need to gather several more lids that do not fit on the containers that you picked. So, if you gathered 12 containers and their matching lids, you should gather about 12 other lids that don’t match.
  2. If you are dividing your class into 2 teams, you will need to divide the containers evenly. Line them up in front of each team. Prepare 2 baskets, one for each team, that contains the matching lids for their team’s containers along with an even number of the “extra” lids.

How to play “Put a Lid On It”:

    1. Have the kids recite their memory verse many times. Your goal is to get them to feel comfortable with saying the verse together as a group. During the game, each child will say the verse individually.
    2. If you are playing this game with teams, divide your group into 2 teams. If you are not playing with teams, simply play the game as described below without going back and forth between teams.

  1. Say to the kids: “You guys are doing great at memorizing your Bible verse. Now it’s time to see if you can “put a lid on it” and hide it deep within your hearts. In front of you are several containers that are missing their lids. The first team to match all the correct lids to their containers will be the winner. One of you will start the game by reciting the memory verse. If you say it correctly, you will get to reach into your basket of lids and blindly pull one out. This means you can’t look in the basket when you are pulling out a lid. You will then see if your lid matches one of the containers. If it matches, put a lid on it. If it doesn’t match, you can toss that lid to the side. You only get to reach in the basket of lids if you say the scripture correctly. We will go back and forth between the 2 teams until one team has put a lid on all their containers. Let’s Play!”

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