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Loyalty: Godly Character Traits for Kids – Learning from Ruth in the Bible

It’s important to teach our kids loyalty – one of many Godly character traits for kids. The Bible story of Ruth is perfect for sharing this essential trait.

Last summer I was given the challenge of coming up with 6 Bible programs based on Godly character traits for kids. Loyalty was on the list and I was excited to be able to share the Bible story of Ruth with the children.

The title of my program was simply the same as this article, “Loyalty: Godly Character Traits for Kids.” It ended up being one of my favorite programs. As I put the program together, I realized that the story of Ruth was definitely going to lay the foundation for loyalty. But after sharing the story of Ruth and how she remained loyal to Naomi, I wanted to transition the idea of loyalty (Godly character traits for kids) into the kids’ world of friendship.

Kids aren’t married yet like Ruth was and none of them have mothers-in-law, but all kids have friends and are part of a family. Our children need to learn what it means to be loyal to these two groups of important people.

I began the program with a simple definition of loyalty: Loyalty: Godly Character Traits for Kids – means being faithful to God and committed to important relationships. First, I shared the Bible story of Ruth using a Power Point presentation. I am giving you the slides that I used down below. After sharing the story, I praised Ruth for her loyalty to Naomi and even more importantly, her loyalty to God.

I wanted the kids to know that God blesses us when we are loyal to Him and to those He places in our lives. God blessed Ruth in many ways, but perhaps the greatest blessing was knowing that she was in the ancestry of Jesus!

Next, I talked about the importance of being loyal to their family. Some kids are part of strong Christian families, while others are spiritually on their own. I know what the latter is like, because this is how I grew up. While I was part of a family who regularly went to a Catholic church, I had to forge my own path to finding Jesus and my personal relationship with Him. Aa I began growing in my faith, I learned how to be a blessing to my family. I have learned how to be loyal to them and God has blessed it.

Here is a fun song that I shared with the kids from the Bible verse of Joshua 24:15, which says: As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Try it out with your own kids.

Take a look at a sample of this song and its moves:

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Finally, I wanted to bring home the point of loyalty within the kids’ friendships. I told them that friendships have highs and lows to them and we need to ask God to help us be the best friends we can be. I proceeded to share one of my favorite songs  called “Help Me Be a Friend.”

Take a look at a sample of this song and its moves:

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Loyalty: Godly Character Traits for Kids has been a fun program to share and it’s been interesting to hear some of the kids’ struggles with family and friends. I get excited when one of my musical Bible programs touches a child’s heart and I can see the Lord working in their life.

Slides for the Bible Story of Ruth

Slide One

Slide Two

Slide Three

Slide Four

Slide Five

Slide Six

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2 thoughts on “Loyalty: Godly Character Traits for Kids – Learning from Ruth in the Bible”

  • Thanks for the slides for the story of Ruth! Where appropriate, I often use your ideas for Kid’s Club. I appreciate you and your ministry to those who work with kids.

  • Hi DeeAnn, Thank you so much for your kind comments! So glad you are able to use some of my ideas. Many blessings to you and your kids!

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