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“Heaps of Blessings” Bible Song and Activity by The Scripture Lady

“Heaps of Blessings” Bible song is perfect to share during the Thanksgiving holiday to remind your kids of all the great blessings that come from God.

Sing the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible song with your kids to teach them that God has blessed them through His creation, His Word and His love for them.

I wrote the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible song as the title tune for my preschool Bible chapel several years ago. It’s time to bring out this fun program and dust it off so that other young kids can enjoy it today.

During this month of November, I will be sharing this thanks-filled program through Zoom. I will be LIVE streaming on the following days listed below.

Choose one of the following dates and times by clicking on one of the buttons below. The program will last approximately 40 minutes.

Once you sign up for a date, you will receive an email confirming your attendance. You will also be given the Zoom link which will allow you entrance into the Bible program.

Choose Thursday, Nov. 12th at 9am (PST – USA)


Choose Tuesday, Nov. 24th at 6pm (PST – USA)

In this article, I want to give you the opportunity to share the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible song with your kids. The video is just below and you can watch it as many times as you’d like.

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In addition to this fun song, I want to give you a simple game that you can play with your preschoolers to help them learn more about God’s many blessings.

As you listen to the song, you will hear the following phrase from the chorus of the song:

A heap is not a little, a heap is quite a lot

If you have a heap of toys, that means you’ve got a lot

God gives us heaps of blessings more than I can say

He gives us His creation, and His Word and love each day

The song then proceeds to proclaim how God has blessed us in each of the areas of His creation, the Bible and His love. After teaching this song to your children you can play the following game with the visuals that I am providing.

How to Prepare the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible Game

Below, you will find 6 pictures for each of the following 3 categories of God’s blessings:


The Bible

God’s Love

Each page will contain 2 pictures. Cut each page along the line to give you 2 separate pictures.

You will need to print all the pictures. You will need to have enough pictures for EACH child for EACH category. For example, if you have 8 kids in your class, you will need to print duplicates of each category to make sure you have enough pictures. Any pictures that are “left over” can be extras for the kids to find.

With a single piece of tape on each picture, tape each category of pictures in a certain part of the room. For example, all the creation pictures might be on or around the north wall of your classroom and the Bible pictures might all be taped up by the window and the pictures showing God’s love might be all taped up by the sink. You can “hide” them if you like if you feel your young ones could handle seeking for them.

Finally, you will need to print the 3 category posters.

How to Play the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible Game

Gather your children together after singing the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible song. Show the children the first category poster of creation which shows the 6 different pictures that you have placed around the room. Have the children look at each picture and ask them questions about the pictures such as, “What is this animal that God has made?” or “How is the mommy showing God’s love to her child?” After you have studied each of the 6 pictures, tell the children to go look in the area of the room where you placed the creation pictures and tell them to bring them back to where they were sitting. After they have all come back with their pictures, tell them “Good job,” for finding lots of God’s blessings in creation.

Continue this form of play with the other 2 categories. Just a note – the pictures of God’s love show ways that God helps us love others and a picture of Jesus and a picture of the cross.

End your time together by singing the “Heaps of Blessings” Bible song one more time.

Pictures for Creation

Creation Pictures One

Creation Pictures Two

Creation Pictures Three

Pictures for the Bible

Bible Pictures One

Bible Pictures Two

Bible Pictures Three

Pictures for God’s Love

Love Pictures One

Love Pictures Two

Love Pictures Three

Category Posters

Creation Category Poster

Bible Category Poster

God’s Love Category Poster

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