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A Bible Object Lesson About Giving and Receiving Christmas Gifts by The Scripture Lady

This Bible object lesson, about giving and receiving Christmas gifts, will creatively teach your kids the importance of being thankful for all they receive.

Here is a fun Bible object lesson about giving and receiving Christmas gifts that your kids will enjoy as you poetically teach them how to graciously accept all their Christmas gifts with a heart full of thankfulness.

Christmas is coming soon! For many of us this means we will celebrate this wonderful holiday by giving gifts to those we love in remembrance of how God gave us His one and only Son as a tiny baby upon this earth.

For many, gifts are a big part of the Christmas celebration. But all too often, our children can get too caught up in the gifts and forget the real reason for the season – to celebrate the gift of Jesus. As a result, many kids can become selfish and ungrateful with the gifts they receive. It is a sad state of affairs when this happens. So, how can you teach your kids to be thankful for all they receive, whether it’s on their Christmas list or not?

Perhaps sharing this Bible object lesson about giving and receiving Christmas gifts will do the trick.

In this article, I am giving you the presentation video of me sharing this Bible object lesson with my “friend” Isaac. As you watch the video, I hope you are inspired to present this Bible object lesson to you kids after you’ve gathered all the different props that are used.

Here is the video presentation of “Giving and Receiving Gifts.” Below, I have provided the poem for you that you can use for your own presentation.

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“Giving and Receiving Christmas Gifts Poem”

At Christmas time, we celebrate Jesus

the greatest Giver of all gifts.

This is why at Christmas you might receive

a brand new bike or some oven mitts.

We give to friends and our family

to show them that we care.

Our giving should share our love for Jesus

whether we give them Broadway tickets or a teddy bear.

But Christmas isn’t just about giving.

It’s about receiving, too.

You should show your thankfulness

even when receiving something not on your list like shoes that are red, white and blue.

Let me show you what I mean…

1.Let’s say Uncle Dennis pulls out

A nice big box from under the tree

You open it up and look inside

But are confused by what you see

You asked for a blanket

That supports your favorite team

But as you pull it out, the blanket’s for your team’s rival

But instead of giving a pout or scream

You give Uncle Dennis

a smile and say, “Thank You!”

You know he tried his best

and loves you through and through.

2. Great Aunt Marge loves to say, “Merry Christmas,”

by pinching your cheeks till they’re red.

Then she hands you a Christmas bag.

On it is a sled.

“What could it be?” you wonder.

Could it be a big box of Leggo Blocks?

Oh no! It’s a bag full of…

underwear and socks!

Now be careful what you say.

Don’t hurt Aunt Marge’s feelings.

Remember that she loves you

even though socks might not be appealing.

3. Oh boy! Oh boy! Is that something under the Christmas tree

moving next to the boat with a sail?

You’re trying not to get too excited

but you did ask for a furry friend with a tail.

Then Grandpa Bob hands you the box

with something squirming inside. Is it a dog?

But lo and behold, when you take the lid off,

inside is a…

very pink hog!

Didn’t mom and dad hear you?

You said you wanted a dog, not a hog!

But instead of complaining

you look at the pig and decide to dance a little jig.

4. Your cousin Samantha’s family

is visiting all the way from Paris, France.

They hand you a gift with a bow

and you’re hoping for a pair of pants.

But as you open it up

loads and loads of ruffles appear.

Your cousin Samantha looks at you

hoping for the dress you’ll cheer.

So even though ruffles

are really not your thing,

you give her a hug and say, “Thank You!”

which makes your cousin’s heart sing!

5. Every Christmas, it seems like

there’s always someone in the crowd

who hands out fruitcakes

showing they are proud…

To bless everyone

with this confectionary delight.

But wait a minute. Is that your mom

trying to hide her fruitcake out of sight?

But because you want to be like Jesus

and be a good friend,

you break off a piece and say

“It’s delicious!” so as not to offend.

6. Next, your brother hands you a present.

You specifically told him that you wanted the Marky Sparky Faux Bow.

But as you open the gift,

it’s just a sweater. Oh no!

But before you say something

to end the Christmas joy,

you tell your brother, “Thank you!”

even though you didn’t get the Marky Sparky toy.

So, please don’t forget

Christmas is about giving and receiving, too.

Jesus can help you be loving and thankful just like Him

at Christmas and all the year through!

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