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Gospel Magic Show – FREE! Friday, Nov. 10th in Downey, CA

You are invited to a Gospel Magic Show featuring many great Christian leaders and yours truly, The Scripture Lady!

Without exaggeration, one of the greatest additions to my ministry is the performing of gospel magic tricks. I call a gospel magic trick a “Bible object lesson on steroids.” A gospel magic trick is bigger, better and more creative than a normal Bible object lesson.

I am always looking for creative ways to share God’s amazing Word that keep the attention of children. A gospel magic trick does this every time when the presenter is well-rehearsed and prepared.

On Friday, November 10, 2017 at 7pm, you are invited to attend First Presbyterian Church of Downey, CA for a really fun night of gospel magic. This night will showcase several local “magicians” who have a great love for God and a love for creatively expressing His Word.

The address of this fun event is:

First Presbyterian Church of Downey, CA

10544 Downey Ave., Downey, CA 90241

Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7pm.

This show is being hosted by the Los Angeles Fellowship of Christian Magicians (LAFCM). I feel very honored to be a part of this great group of men and women. We meet on a monthly basis, usually the last Monday of the month, at the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Here is a picture of my good friend Rev. Barney Kinard and I outside of the castle. On this night, we shared Rev. Kinard’s Bible Story Sticks.

Each month, for an hour and a half, we come together and share different tricks that express the gospel with love, care and truth. We perform our tricks with each other so that we can become better at what we do and thereby be better witnesses of God’s Word to those the Lord brings our way.

I get to perform for hundreds of children every month. Both preschoolers and elementary children LOVE the gospel magic tricks that I show. They are always a highlight of one of my programs.

Here is a sample of one of my favorite gospel magic tricks that I will be presenting on November 10th. I call it “With God, A LITTLE is a LOT!”

Click HERE to learn how you can purchase the instructional video for this trick.

Interested in becoming a member of the LAFCM? Click HERE to learn all the details.

Want to learn more about the why’s and how’s of gospel magic? Click HERE for an article by The Scripture Lady.

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