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Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word? by The Scripture Lady

Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word? Sharing the Bible with your children, whether in your home of classroom, should spring up from a great love for God’s Word deep within your heart.

Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word?

Do you still get excited about sharing the stories of the Bible with your children?

Do you still treasure the words of God like the most priceless pearls in your possession?

Possessing a passion for the word of God should be a high priority for every Christian. As Christian parents and teachers, our love for the Bible should be exhibited on a daily basis knowing that because we hold out the truth of God, it may one day become the truth for our children.

I bring up this topic of a sense of awe for God’s Word because of a great story I gleaned from a book I am reading right now by Nik Ripken called, The Insanity of God. Nik and his wife Ruth have been missionaries in Africa for many years. For a while they served in Somaliland, which he described as “hell on earth.” Nik and his wife grappled with their faith in God while serving in one of the most difficult places on the planet. Their story is one I highly recommend, especially, if you too, grapple with your faith and sense of awe for God’s Word.

While all of Nik’s story is amazing, I want to share with you one event in his life that really made me pause and that has led me to this article.

When Nik was 11 years old, he was sitting in a pew at church on Easter morning. The pastor was telling the Easter story filled with the betrayal, death and resurrection of Jesus. Nik began to find himself deeply moved. He was filled with emotion for all that Jesus went through for him and the world. As the reader of this story, I understood that the Holy Spirit was doing a great work in Nik’s heart. The Lord was blessing him with a sense of awe for God’s Word.

Nik began to look around at the other people in the church. He saw none of the same emotion that he was experiencing. It was as if everyone else’s senses had been dulled while his were on high alert.

Because Nik didn’t see this same passion stirring in others around him, Nik began questioning his thoughts and feelings. He began to think that maybe the story the pastor was sharing wasn’t really that big of a deal. He thought maybe the story of Jesus giving His life was just a story and nothing more to be inspired by. Within minutes, Nik’s heightened awe of the Lord vanished and he went on his way. It wasn’t until years later that Nik came into an awe-inspiring relationship with Jesus.

In my mind, this part of Nik’s story is tragic. And sad to say, Nik’s story is all too common. Many pews and children’s ministries and homes are void of a sense of awe of God’s Word.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to lose my passion for Jesus and the Bible. I want to fight daily to see all that God has given to me as the unimaginable treasure that it is. And I want to inspire the children that I get to minister to on a weekly basis to love and desire His Word.

How you and I represent the Bible to our children, can make all the difference in the world for them and for their eternity. Yes, it is the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives to bring them to salvation through Jesus Christ. But because of God’s great mercy, He calls you and I to shine the light of His Word day in and day out throughout our whole lives.

So, I’ll ask the question again:

Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word?

If your honest answer is, “No,” then ask God to fill you with a renewed passion and joy to love His Word and to share it with great joy to the kids you serve.

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1 thought on “Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word? by The Scripture Lady”

  • Thank you for your time and effort you have spent on this article. You ask, “Do you still have a sense of awe for God’s Word?”
    My answer is “YES”. Then I ask, what part of God’s word? I feel some ‘words’ in God’s word could well be ‘incorrect’ but when I mention these to others they reply, “What has that to do with Salvation?” or “How do you know they are wrong?” YES I believe “God’s Word” is true, but MAN has ‘inserted’ his ‘interpretation’ in several places…. For example ‘Dragons’ , ‘Unicorns – Bulls/Oxen’ , ‘many colours in Joseph’s coat’, ‘Moses having “Horns”?’ YES, I do ‘still have a sense of awe for God’s Word.’ ALL of it especially when ‘translated’ correctly…..

    Mike Rogers

    AKA – ‘Dynamike’

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