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David Thanked God: A Fun Bible Game for Young Children

King David thanked God for everything it seems! We learn from the Psalms that he wrote that he often took time to praise God for all the good things that God had given him and done for him. Play this fun Bible game for young children to help them learn the importance of giving gratitude to God.

I think it’s wonderful that David thanked God for so many things in the Psalms that he wrote. He is a shining example to all of us of a man who knew how to praise God for His goodness. It is never too early to teach your young children that they need to thank God as well. Play this fun Bible game called “David Thanked God” to help them realize this truth.

I created “David Thanked God” for one of my Thanksgiving chapels a few years ago. I wanted to showcase how people in the Bible remembered to give thanks to God. David is a stellar example of this. This Bible game uses great visuals and is a game that will engage your children in some of the Psalms found in God’s Word.

Take a look at the sample presentation of “David Thanked God”:

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How to prepare “David Thanked God”

For this game, you will need to pick 5 or more psalms that David wrote that showcase different verses in which he gives thanks for different things. As you can see in the sample video, two of the verses that I chose were Psalm 28:6 and Psalm 16:11. The first verse talks about how David thanked God for hearing his cries. This means that David was thankful that God heard his prayers. The second verse talks about how David thanked God for the joy He had given him.

Once you pick out the verses that you would like to showcase, then come up with pictures that show what David is thankful for. I found verses of thanksgiving for prayer, joy, our bodies, God’s Word, and the earth.

Once you have the pictures, attach them to paint sticks and then hand them out to the children. You are now ready to play “David Thanked God.”

How to play “David Thanked God”

Choose one of your verses to read out loud. If you want to be really engaging, create Power Point slides for each verse much like I did in the sample video above. Or create eye-catching posters of the verses that you can show your children. Always look for ways to use great visuals when sharing the Bible with kids.

After you read the verse, help the children figure out who is holding the picture that matches with what David is thanking God for in the Bible verse. Have that child come forward and stand next to you and encourage the class to say something like this: “David thanked God for the earth! Thank you, God!”

Continue with this form of play with all the verses that you chose. Have fun!

Bible verses that I chose:

Psalm 28:6 for prayer

Psalm 16:11 for joy

Psalm 139:14 for our bodies

Psalm 33:5 for the earth

Psalm 56:10-11 for God’s Word

Looking for some fun Bible songs about being thankful to God?

Then click HERE for two songs all about giving thanks to God.

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