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Bible Story Pictures for Naomi and Ruth: A Story of Patience and Kindness

Using Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth is a great way to teach your kids this wonderful story of patience, kindness and God’s amazing sovereignty.

Sharing Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth can present a good opportunity to share this beloved Bible story with your kids. Your children need to know this true story in the Bible and how God brought together Naomi, Ruth and Boaz to carry out His purposes ultimately through His Son, Jesus Christ.

I will be sharing this great story in my newly revised “Fruit of the Spirit” program for elementary kids. I will be showing how the story of Naomi and Ruth is a good example of patience and kindness, two of the fruits of the Spirit. To tell this story in a creative way, I wrote a Bible story song and will be showcasing the song along with my “Bible Story Suitcase.”

Today, I want to give you the words to this song along with some of the picture that I will be using. The following link will take you to a pdf file of the song which you can also use as a retelling of the story.

The Naomi and Ruth Song by Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady

The Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth come from a great resource which I purchased several years ago. They come from a 2-DVD collection called “The Ultimate Bible Picture Collection.” All of these pictures are found in the public domain.

How to use the Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth:

These pictures can be used in a variety of ways including adding them to your existing children’s church curriculum or with your family devotional.

I have provided you with select scriptures for you to read while showing your children the pictures, however, feel free to use a retelling of this story. Terms like “gathering wheat” can be hard for children to understand, but they can still enjoy the Bible story pictures while you tell the story in your own words.

If you are in a Christian school setting, you can encourage your children to create their own Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth after being inspired by these pictures. They could create their own journals using the pictures or use these pictures for creative dictation.

These Bible story pictures for Naomi and Ruth are also a great tool for helping your children remember that just as God worked through the lives of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz, He is working in their lives as well. Each picture can be used as a memory “clue” or “jogger” to help your kids remember each part of the story.

Here are the following pictures. I have provided them for you as thumbnails. Just click on each one and you will be led to the full size version.

The stanzas are meant to correlate with the song I have provided for you above.

Bible Story Pictures for Naomi and Ruth:

Pictures One through Three (Stanza 3): 

Naomi and Ruth














Naomi’s Husband and Sons-in-law







Picture Four (Stanza 4):  Naomi with Ruth and Orpah







Picture Five (Stanza 5-6):  Naomi with Ruth (Repeat Picture)







Picture Six (Stanza 7):  Ruth Gathering Wheat







Picture Seven (Stanza 8):  Boaz







Picture Eight (Stanza 9):  Naomi and Ruth with Wheat







Pictures Nine and Ten (Stanza 10):

Boaz and Ruth







Boaz, Ruth, Naomi and Son, Obed






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