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Bible Mailbox Skit About God’s Love by The Scripture Lady

Share this Bible Mailbox Skit with your young children to teach them about how much God loves them. Bring a Bible Mailbox into your classroom and enjoy the smiles it will bring!

Today, I want to share with you a Bible Mailbox skit that I wrote for one of my preschool chapel programs all about prayer. I wanted the children to know that God shows His love to them in many ways. I also wanted them to know that they can show love to others in many ways too.

You may be asking, “What is a Bible Mailbox?” Simply put, a Bible Mailbox is an actual mailbox that you can bring into your classroom or home and have it contain “Bible Mail.”

For example, the first time I used my Bible Mailbox, I pretended like my grandma, Scripture Granny, sent us some Valentine’s Day cards that contained some riddles about different people in the Bible. I let a child come up and open the mailbox and pull out the cards. We read the riddles and tried to figure out each Bible character that matched the riddle.

I created the Bible mailbox from an actual mailbox that I bought at my local hardware store for only $20. My mailbox is the traditional metal kind with the red flag on the side.

To make the mailbox unique to my ministry, The Scripture Lady, I added a sticker to each side that says, “The Scripture Lady’s Bible Mailbox.” You could add your own ministry’s name on the side of yours. Another thing I did, was I added a yellow cross to the very front pull-down door. Lastly, I printed off a cute picture of a front cover of a Bible and attached it to some foam core, then secured it to the square part of the flag. All this makes my mailbox is unique and really gives the sense that it is meant only for special “Bible mail.”

Today’s Bible Mailbox skit will require you to gather a few props and to make a poster that showcases each of the props. Just watch the video below and you will learn all that you need to gather.

I am providing you with a complete video of the skit below. You can simply show this to your children or better yet, learn the skit and present it to your children yourself.

Click HERE for the downloadable link for this video.

If you want to present this to your children, you might like to download and use the cute Bible Mailbox intro seen here:

Click HERE for the downloadable link for this video.

Have fun!

Want to learn more about the Bible Mailbox? Click HERE for another article.

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