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3 Father’s Day Bible Activities for Any Christian Classroom by The Scripture Lady

3 Father’s Day Bible activities for any Christian classroom are here to brighten your children’s celebration of their dads and grandfathers.

These 3 Father’s Day Bible activities for any Christian classroom are great for preschoolers through elementary kids. You can use them during your kids’ church or at home.

Father’s Day should be a special day to honor dads, grandfathers and other special men in the lives of your children. Father’s Day can also be a great opportunity to remind your kids that there are dads in the Bible, too!

I am giving the following 3 Father’s Day Bible activities:




Dads in the Bible Song

This Bible song showcases 6 famous fathers in the Bible including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. This song is also a game that you can play with your young children that use sweet visuals of each of the dads in the Bible.




Grandfathers in the Bible Poem

Here is poem that showcases 5 famous grandpas in the Bible including Methuselah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Boaz. . Here is the first stanza of the poem:

Grandpas are special and a lot older than you.

Most love to give hugs and take you to the zoo.

Your grandpa’s name might be Harold or Tom

A grandpa’s a dad to your dad or mom.

For this activity, I am including some Bible pictures of each of the grandfathers for you to show the children as you read the poem.

Guess the Dads in the Bible Game

This game is perfect for elementary kids and will really help your children learn some important details about 10 different dads in the Bible. I am providing you with the directions and clue cards that you can print off in order to play the game.




Dads in the Bible Song

I am giving you access to both the instructional and presentation videos for this song below.

Below the videos, I am giving you the pictures that I created and used in the song so that you can print them off and use them with your own children.



Dads in the Bible Song Presentation Video

Click HERE to learn how to purchase the downloadable links of the mp3 and video of the moves to use as you like for only $2.49.

Click on each picture of a Bible dad below and print it off to share with your children.












Grandfathers in the Bible Poem

Read the following poem to your children while showing the 5 Bible printable pictures of the grandfathers below. After each stanza, you will want to encourage your children to say the last line with you, thanking each grandpa for the heir they produced.

Here are 5 pictures for each one of the grandfathers. Click on each picture to print it off to share with your children while saying the poem.












Grandpas are special and a lot older than you.

Most love to give hugs and take you to the zoo.

Your grandpa’s name might be Harold or Tom

A grandpa’s a dad to your dad or mom.

Grandpas have been around for centuries. It’s true!

They can even be found in the Bible, too.

Let’s learn about some grandpas from way back when

They each were the fathers of some very great men


The oldest grandpa in all of history

Was dear old Methuselah. His life was a mystery.

Not much is known about this dear old man

But he was the grandpa of Noah. This was God’s plan.

“Oh, Methuselah! Thank you for being Noah’s grandpa!”


Abraham’s the next grandpa we should know

God promised Abraham that his family would grow

Jacob was his grandson, his close relation

Through Jacob’s family came the Israel nation

“Oh, Abraham! Thank you for being Jacob’s grandpa!”


Have you ever heard of Isaac? He was Jacob’s dad.

Jacob had twelve sons. This made him glad.

Joseph was his favorite son, it’s true.

Isaac was Joseph’s grandpa, though Joseph He never knew.

“Oh, Isaac! Thank you for being Joseph’s grandpa!”

In Egypt, Joseph had great fame

He had two sons – Manasseh and Ephraim were their names

Their grandfather, Jacob, treated these boys with great care

Jacob gave them God’s blessing – a special prayer

“Oh, Jacob! Thank you for being Manasseh and Ephraim’s grandpa!”


There’s one more grandpa that I want you to know

Boaz was his name from very long ago

He was King David’s great-grandfather,

Oh my, what a great honor

But then Boaz’s family line grew, you see

Many were added to his family tree

But the greatest of all his grandsons you should know

Is Jesus our Lord who loves you so!

“Oh, Boaz! Thank you for being Jesus’ great, great, great, great…. grandpa!”

Poem by Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady

Dads in the Bible Guessing Game

Father Abraham has many sons

Many sons has Father Abraham

I am one of them and so are you

So, let’s just praise the Lord…

I bet many of you have been singing this fun silly song for many years.  I know I have.  It’s such a good reminder that Abraham was a father and must have experienced joys and hardships like all of our dads. This Bible activity will introduce some other Bible dads to your elementary kids through riddles and clues.

Here’s what you need for this fun Father’s Day game:

1.  Print off all the clue cards from these following thirteen pages.  Cut them out and laminate for longevity.

ONE     TWO     THREE     FOUR     FIVE     SIX     SEVEN


2.  You will need a die with the typical numbers of 1 – 6.  I actually made one from a cardboard box.  The size is about 9″ x 9″.  The kids love it because it’s big and colorful and fun.

3.  You will need one envelope for EACH clue card.  Number each of the envelopes on the outside to correspond with the number of the clue.

Here are the names of the 10 Bible dads. Of course, you will keep these a secret until the kids guess the correct dad:

1.  Abraham

2.  Jacob

3.  Joseph

4.  David

5.  Adam

6.  Isaac

7.  Joseph (Mary and Jesus)

8.  Zechariah

9.  Jonathan

10. Laban

Game Set Up:

You should now have 5 clue cards for each Bible Dad.  Place all 5 envelopes on a table or a pocket chart so that the kids can easily see them.

Here’s how you play:

Divide your class into two teams.  Each team will have a child come up one at a time to take his/her turn.  They will roll the die.  If they roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, they will choose the envelope with the number that corresponds.  You will read the clue card and see if the child can guess which Bible Dad it describes.  If they guess correctly, they earn 10 points for Clue 1, 20 points for Clue 2, 30 points for Clue 3, 40 points for Clue 4, and 50 points for Clue 5.  The clues range in difficulty from Clue 5 being the hardest and Clue 1 being the easiest.  If the child guesses incorrectly, that clue card is no longer used and set to the side and the next team is up.  If a child rolls a number that has already been picked, the next team is up.  If a child rolls the number six, the child can pick any clue he wants.  Once a Bible Dad has been figured out, place the next set of Clue cards on the chart to be played with.  If a Bible Dad is never figured out, simply take down that set of cards and continue with a new Dad.

Game Tips:

You could let the child ask for help if they’d like.  (Kind of like “phone a friend” on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.)

Play the game as long as the interest is high.

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