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2 Ways to “Dress Up” Bible Time with Your Kids by The Scripture Lady

Here are 2 ways to “dress up” Bible time with your kids that will bless any class or home devotional just by adding some fun clothing props to God’s amazing Word.

These 2 ways to “dress up” Bible time with your kids come from my treasure trove of ideas that I have used within my own ministry to both preschoolers and elementary kids. The first way to “dress up” scriptures is for the younger child in preschool and the second way is great for kids ages 5 to 10.

How to “Dress Up” Bible Time with Your Preschoolers

About half of all my performances are to preschoolers. And usually in each of my programs I have a story time. Bible story time should be very special whether done with a class or just one child. I always tell my audience, that story time reminds me of bedtime because that’s when my mommy read me stories. I then proceed to put on my blue and pink striped robe and my furry green slippers. Finally, I grab my favorite dolly and of course my Bible. The kids are mesmerized at my transformation.

You, too, can transform your Bible story time by putting on your own special outfit. Thrift stores are great for robe, slipper and dolly hunting. You could even let your little ones hold their own favorite stuffed animals while listening. Happy storytelling!

How to “Dress Up” Bible Time with Your Elementary Kids

Playing “dress up” was my number one favorite thing to do when I was a kid. Maybe that’s why I love props and costumes so much today. Well, the Bible is full of great costumes. You just have to know where to look.

For this fun Scripture game, you will need a willing participant to be the model – maybe Mom or Dad or Teacher or some child who is willing to be a good sport. You will want to gather all of the items listed below that correspond with each Scripture. Place all these items in a bucket or pile. Now, let the children take turns picking a Scripture reference. They will then read it from the Bible and will then have to decide what prop or costume best signifies the verse. Once they decide, they then proceed to place the item on the model. Eventually, once the model is wearing all the props, he or she should look pretty goofy. May I remind you this would be a perfect moment for a picture.

Here is your list of props and Scripture references:
Psalm 119:18 speaks of the eyes, so use glasses for the prop.

Matthew 11:15 speaks of the ears, so use earrings or earmuffs for the prop.

Genesis 2:7 speaks of the nose, so use a clown’s nose for the prop.

Matthew 10:30 speaks of the hair, so use a wig for the prop.

Psalm 24:4 speaks of the hands, so use gloves for the prop.

Genesis 32:32 speaks of the hips, so use an apron, skirt or shorts for the prop.

Isaiah 52:7 speaks of the feet, so use clown shoes or other big shoes for the prop.

Proverbs 6:20-21 speaks of the neck, so use a scarf or necktie for the prop.

Daniel 6:10 speaks of the knees, so use knee pads for the prop.

Of course, if you haven’t already guessed, this whole idea is based on the truth that God cares about every part of our body. Can you find other Scripture that showcase our body parts?

By the way, you could do this activity as a competition. You’ll just need to get 2 of everything and separate your kids into 2 teams. The first team to find all the Scriptures with all the correct props placed upon their model is the winner!

In addition to introducing you to 2 ways to “dress up” Bible time with your kids, I want to give you  2 Bible verse songs that showcase 2 different parts of the body.

The first comes from Psalm 63:4, which says “I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.” What is the body part being showcased? Hands!

As Long as I Live – A Bible Verse Song and Video for Psalm 63:4

Click HERE to learn how to purchase the downloadable links of the mp3 and video of the moves to use as you like for only $2.49.

The second Bible verse comes from Psalm 60:12, which says “With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.” What is the body part being showcased? This is a little bit harder to see at first. But what do we trample with? Our feet!

Trample! – A Bible Verse Song and Video for Psalm 60:12

Click HERE to learn how to purchase the downloadable links of the mp3 and video of the moves to use as you like for only $2.49.

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