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The Story of Moses for Preschoolers: The Children Who Crossed the Red Sea

The Children Who Crossed the Red Sea: The Story of Moses for Preschoolers is The Scripture Lady’s newest preschool program and will introduce your preschoolers to one of the greatest stories in the Bible!

The Children Who Crossed the Red Sea: The Story of Moses for Preschoolers will delight your children as they learn about God’s great servant, Moses. Through Moses, God performed one of the greatest miracles recorded in the Bible. What was this amazing miracle? It was the parting of the Red Sea to rescue the children of Israel from being slaves in Egypt.

Here is a quick outline of “The Children Who Crossed the Red Sea”: The Story of Moses for Preschoolers. Make sure to read through the whole synopsis and you will be able to download some free materials for the next 3 days!

Opening Song: Free Us

I LOVE Jewish music! My newest song “Free Us” has a Jewish flavor and is a fun song that the kids are going to “rock out” to along with some pretend guitars.

Here are the lyrics to “Free Us”

Like Israel of long ago

We are slaves to sin

But we cried, “Lord Messiah, come!

And cleanse us deep within.”

Chorus: Free us, Oh God, we pray

Free us, Lord, this very day

Free us is what we cry

For we trust you with our lives

Like Israel of long ago

Through life’s deserts we must roam

But when we trust and follow God

He’ll lead us safely home


The Story of Moses at the Burning Bush

Before Moses went to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, he met with the Ruler over all kings, God Himself. I share this part of the story of Moses by having a child come up and put on a little Bible costume along with a shepherd’s staff. I then have the child stand in front of a picture of a burning bush as he “listens” to God speak to him. Moses learns that God wants him to go and rescue His people out of slavery. The portion of scripture that this story comes from is found in Exodus 3:3-14.

Carmen Sings the Song of the Plagues

Next in the program is a visit from my “cousin” Carmen who will appropriately share how God sent plagues to all the people of Egypt to show how angry He was at them for not letting His people, the children of Israel, go and worship Him.

Take a look at this sample of this fun and interactive song as the children are encouraged to yell, “No!” just like Pharaoh might have done to Moses:

Game: What Did the Children of Israel Take on Their Trip?

The story of God using Moses to set the children of Israel free is getting more and more interesting! The children will learn about the next part of the story when God’s people actually left Egypt while playing a little game.

When God’s people, the children of Israel, left Egypt, they left in a hurry. But the Bible does say that they did get to take some things with them. The following is a poem that I wrote to help the kids learn about some of these things.

Oh boy! Oh boy! What great joy!

We get to leave Egypt today!

I bet that’s what the children said

On that magnificent day.

But leaving your home in a great hurry

Meant gathering everything in a flurry

Hurry Mama, Hurry Papa

We must scurry!

What did the children of Israel take

When leaving their homes for goodness sake

Let’s learn about some of their things

That might have included some unleavened cakes

The children of Israel took flocks and herds

These were their sheep and goats and maybe some birds

Their food included unleavened bread

Flat like crackers. “No yeast!” Moses said.

From their Egyptian neighbors, they took silver and gold

This was ordered by God – a move that was bold

The Egyptian people also gave them clothes to wear

They had clothes to cover them from their shoes to their hair

There were two other things that followed the children wherever they went

Pillars of a cloud and fire were guiding them and were Heaven sent

The children of Israel were free, it’s true!

They followed God into a life that was new.

Talking Bible Story Board Song: Miriam Sings About the Walking Through the Red Sea

Oh boy! Oh boy! We have come to the greatest part of our story of Moses for preschoolers. This is the part of the story where the children of Israel are trapped between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army. This is the part of the story where God parts the Red Sea so that His people can cross it and escape from Pharaoh. And this is the part of the story that the children will learn about from Moses’ sister, Miriam.

The “Talking Bible Story Board” is often a favorite of the children. Here is a sample of a different story that uses this fun teaching tool:

Bible Object Lesson with a Surprise Twist: The Chains of Sin

As with all my programs, I LOVE to share Bible object lessons. And if you are familiar with me, you know that mine always have a surprise and magical twist.

For this Bible object lesson, I use Barry Mitchell’s “Chains of Sin.” You can click HERE to see the chains in action.

I adapted the script that is in the video to fit my needs for the story of Moses.

Scruffy Gets Bible Mail from Israel for the story of Moses for preschoolers

No Scripture Lady program would be complete without Scruffy making an appearance. This time, Scruffy receives some Bible Mail from our pen pal in Israel. Our pen pal is named Jacob and he has a dog whose name is Benny. Scruffy receives a flag from Israel. Jacob asks that we pray for the peace of Israel and that the Jewish people would come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Closing Song for The Children Who Crossed the Red Sea: The Story of Moses for Preschoolers: Hallelujah!

Finally, the program closes with one last song that also has a Jewish feel to it. It’s called ‘Hallelujah!”

Here is sample video of the moves to this song:

Click HERE to learn how to purchase this downloadable song and video for only $2.49.

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