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Memory Verse Games for Preschoolers: Memory Verse Matches


Memory verse games for preschoolers are super! Here is one called “Memory Verse Matches.”

I love to come up with fun Bible memory verse games for preschoolers.  Don’t let them fool you!  They may be small, but their minds are huge and God wants His Word in their hearts and minds as soon as possible.  Here are 3 different ideas you can use with these fun Matching Cards that I have provided for you.  There is one sheet of 4 cards: a dove, a cross, a picture of Jesus and a picture of a Bible.  I would suggest printing one sheet for each child in the class.  So, if you have a class size of 10, make 10 sheets.  Cut out the individual cards and laminate them and keep them in a nice folder to use over and over.

Here are the 3 ways to have some fun with these memory verse games for preschoolers:

1. Pass Them Round and Round – Have all of your children sit in a circle.  Give each child one card to hold.  Tell the children that you want them to pass their cards to the person sitting next to them when the music starts.  Whenever they get passed a card, they must pass it to their friend next to them.  Do a little trial run before putting on the the music.  Put some music on.  At some point, stop the music and ask the children to see who is holding a card with a cross on it.  All the children who are holding a cross get to say the memory verse you have been learning.  Praise them for a job well done, then play the game again.  Next time, pick a different picture.

Instead of playing music, you might want to say the verse out loud one or more times before stopping the passing.  Or you may want to put the verse you have been working on to a familiar tune and sing it as you pass the cards around.

2. Matching Necklaces – Take your cards and turn them into “necklaces” by attaching a piece of yarn up near the top so that each child can have a card hanging around their neck.  You will also need one card each of the dove, cross, Jesus and Bible.  Place these in a bucket.  Tell the children that you want them to decorate your neck with their beautiful necklaces.  But first, they must show you that they can say their memory verse correctly.  Instruct the children to hop, skip…(pick a movement) around in a circle.  As they do this, they should be reciting their memory verse.  Once they have said it through once, everyone should stop where they are at.  You, the teacher, will pick out a card from the bucket.  Everyone who has a matching “necklace” should come forward to the teacher and say their verse.  After doing so, let the children put the matching necklaces around your neck.  Have these children get back into the circle.  Play again until all the necklaces have been placed around your neck.

Instead of having the children place the necklaces around your neck you could have them place them around a puppet if you would like.

3. Hide ’em.  Find ’em Hide all the cards you have made for you class so that each child will end up with 3 cards.  After learning your memory verse, have the children search for 3 cards hidden in the room.  Tell them that once they have found 3 cards they should come and sit down in front of you.  Once all the children are sitting in front of you, ask them who has a dove card.  Those children should stand up and say their memory verse together.  Next have them come up and make a pile of dove cards on a table or the floor.  Now ask which children are holding the cross cards and so on until all the cards have been collected and put into their matching piles.  Hide the cards again and play again if you’d like.

Memory Verse Match Cards Page One

Memory Verse Match Cards Page Two

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