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Great Chapel Ideas for Kids: Good Music is a MUST

When implementing great chapel ideas for kids in your school, good music that teaches the Bible is a MUST! Use this acrostic to make your chapel times great.

I LOVE coming up with great chapel ideas for kids in preschool through the elementary grades. In fact, the majority of my ministry is spent in traveling around to Christian schools and sharing my musical Bible programs during their chapels.

Singing music that teaches the Bible and its great stories is ALWAYS part of my repertoire of great chapel ideas for kids. But it’s important to me that I follow this following acrostic when deciding which songs I want to showcase.

In my workshop called, “How to Have a GREAT Chapel,” I discuss that the music you choose to use should be:

M: Movable

U: Understandable

S: Scriptural

T: Teachable

Good music is a MUST when thinking about great chapel ideas for kids. Let me break each point down for you below.


Have you chosen songs that your kids can move and “groove” to? You definitely want to to take the time to come up with some easy moves for the children to learn that goes with any music you share. And today, there are so many great videos out there of music you can share with the moves already presented for you. Just make sure you take the time to know the moves yourself really well, so that the children can easily follow you. Also, don’t just show a video of Yancy or Jana Allyra doing the moves. Your kids will be more blessed to see you in front of them doing your best for Jesus. 


Can your children understand all the words to the song? Are there any words you need to define for your children? Make sure your children know what they are singing about. Some songs, especially hymns, have big theological words that need to be defined and broken down for your children’s age level. I often preface my definitions of big words like this: (Fill in the word you are wanting to describe) is just a fancy way to say (fill in with a descriptive definition.) So, for the word “rejects” I say, “Rejects is just a fancy way to say you don’t want to have anything to do with something.” I have to explain this word when sharing my Bible verse song called “Whoever” based on John 3:36. 


Your time together should be all about God and His Word, therefore make sure that all your songs point to Scripture or that they are actual Bible verses. If you sing it, it will stick. So, putting Bible verses to music is one of the best ways to get God’s Word into the hearts and minds of your kiddos. Stay away from getting in a rut of always singing the same old Sunday School Songs. While I LOVE “Jesus Loves Me This I Know,” I want my kids to have a broad spectrum of great worship songs and Bible songs to help feed their souls.


Are you picking music that teaches the message God wants you to give or are you getting stuck in a rut by just singing the same old songs? Do your research and look for songs that are going to enhance the theme of your lesson. If you are teaching a Bible story that includes the 12 Disciples, consider doing an online search for a song that helps your kids learn the names of all 12 of Jesus’ friends. Here’s a song that I wrote called “12 Friends” and could be a great addition to your chapel theme.

Great chapel ideas for kids SHOULD showcase great music all about the Bible. Good music is a MUST if you want to help your children grow in their knowledge and faith of their Lord Jesus Christ.

Want some fun Bible verse songs for your kids? Then:

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