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Grandparents In the Bible: A New Scripture Lady Preschool Program

Do your kids know that there are grandparents in the Bible? Of course there are! Abraham, Isaac, Boaz and Ruth are just to name a few. Here is a sneak peak of The Scripture Lady’s newest preschool program called “Grandparents In the Bible.” 

I am so thrilled to debut my newest preschool program called “Grandparents In the Bible.” Over the years, I have been asked to share my musical Bible programs at “Grandparents’ Day Events.” I thought it would be great fun to actually create a program centered around grandmas and grandpas to help celebrate and honor their lives, but with a biblical focus.

Here is a little outline describing the program. (BTW, don’t miss the FREE give-away of my “Grandparents in the Bible” song tucked within the outline. It won’t always be there. So, download it today!)


I ask the children to raise their hands if they have a grandma or grandpa. Many eager hands go up. I say, “That’s wonderful! Grandparents are great! Did you know that there are grandparents in the Bible? It’s true! And here are just a few…”

Song: Grandparents In the Bible (Click HERE for your free downloadable version of this song. It’s only FREE through 9-11-18!)

This song teaches the children about:

Abraham, the grandfather of Jacob

Isaac, the grandfather of Joseph

Boaz and Ruth, the great-grandparents of David

Hanna, the grandmother of Joel

King Saul, the grandfather of Mephibosheth

and Lois, the grandmother of Timothy

With great visuals and a catchy song, the kids have fun learning about these great grandmas and grandpas of the Bible.

A Visit from Scripture Granny

If you are familiar with my programs, you know that “Scripture Granny” often makes a visit to the children via a computer “phone” call. Since the program is about grandparents, an appearance by Scripture Granny was a must! During this visit, Scripture Granny teaches the children about what it was like in the “old days.” For example, when Scripture Granny was young, she typed on a typewriter to write a letter. Today, she sends an email on the computer. Scripture Granny teaches how what is old can become new. This is especially true when we give our lives to Jesus. God makes us a new creation according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. Scripture Granny teaches the children this Bible verse through a fun energetic song.

A Fun Game: Old and New

In this part of the program, the preschoolers get to play a game to help them learn about how things from the “old days” have changed over the years. using fun visuals and a fun poem, the kids get to match the old with the new, which teaches them that almost everything changes.

Jack and Jill Sing “Jesus Love Me”

One of my newest additions to my programs, are my fun and sweet puppets named Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill teach the children that their own grandma is awesome. She used to fly airplanes in the Army and can even ride a skateboard! Jack and Jill then share how their grandma loves to teach them about Jesus and they proceed to sing their version of the “Jesus Love Me” song.

A Bible Story Sticks Story: Lois and Eunice Teach Timothy About Jesus

If you haven’t seen the Bible Story Sticks in action yet, I highly encourage you to click HERE to learn more about this GREAT tool to share any Bible story. I knew that I wanted to use my Bible Story Sticks to share the story of Lois and Eunice from the Bible. Lois was Timothy’s grandmother and Eunice was Timothy’s mother. Together, God used these two faithful women to lead Timothy to Jesus. God used Timothy in mighty ways to help the apostle Paul in his ministry.

An Object Lesson with a Magical Twist: Grandma’s Cookie Jar

If you know me, you know that every one of my programs includes a “magical” Bible object lesson to delight children in the truths of God. “Grandma’s Cookie Jar” teaches the children that God always wants us to do the right thing.

Scruffy Gets a Gift from Scripture Granny

The kids LOVE Scruffy! Darcie Maze’s Puppet, Scruffy, is always a hit! In my “Grandparents in the Bible” program, Scruffy receives a gift in the mail from Scripture Granny. While she was on a missionary trip to Mexico, Scripture Granny took the time to buy a maraca for Scruffy to play with. This makes Scruffy very happy. In fact, his heart grows 10 sizes bigger because of Scripture Granny’s love for him.

Finally, we end the program by singing a wonderful old hymn that many grandmas and grandpas know called “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”

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