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Scripture Lady’s Holiday Bible Games: Glad Thanksgiving’s Here


The Scripture Lady loves creating Holiday Bible games! Here is one for Thanksgiving called “Glad Thanksgiving’s Here” to teach about being thankful to God.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday to teach our little ones that God wants us to be thankful for all things.  Here is an activity that is meant to partner nicely with Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Visualized Song: Glad Thanksgiving’s Here. You can purchase a copy of this song at  You can also purchase CEF’s Holiday CD which contains the song of “Glad Thanksgiving’s Here” at  If you have any questions about this product, you can contact CEF at 562-866-1870.

All the cards for this activity can be downloaded by clicking on these following links:

Cards Page 1

Cards Page 2

Cards Page 3

Cards Page 4

Cards Page 5

Cards Page 6

Cards Page 7

Cards Page 8

Cards Page 9

Cards Page 10

A picture of my layout of the game using pocket charts

Assembly:  Cut out all the cards along the black lines.  Laminate all of the cards for longterm use.  If you would like to place these cards on a felt board, then place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of each card.  You can also play this activity using a pocket chart which can be found at your local teacher supply store or online at

How to Play:  First, I suggest that you learn and sing the “Glad Thanksgiving’s Here” song, but if you are not able to purchase it, then just speak the following dialogue as you place each of the pictures up on your board.

Teacher says:

Are you glad Thanksgiving’s Here?  (Wait for response.)  I know I am!  I can’t wait to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!  What do you look forward to eating?  (Let children respond.)  But Thanksgiving’s just not about the good food we get to eat.  It’s really about being thankful to God for everything that He has given us.  He loves us so much that He has given us everything we need plus a whole lot more!  I am going to say some things that all of us should be thankful for and I am also going to have you count how many pictures there are of each thing we should be thankful for.  Are you ready?

I’m glad Thanksgiving’s here!  I thank God for everything He has given me!  (Place the “everything” picture on the board.)  What does this picture show? (Wait for response.)  Now repeat after me, “Thanks for everything, God!”

I’m glad Thanksgiving’s here!  I thank God for families!  (Display the 2 family cards.)

How many families do you see?  (2)  Very good!  Repeat after me, “Thanks for families, God!” and “Thanks for everything, too!” (Point to the “everything” card.)

I’m glad Thanksgiving’s here!  I thank God for the food we eat!  (Display the 3 food cards.)  What kind of food do you see?  (Wait for response.)  How many food cards do you see?  (3)  Very good!  Repeat after me, “Thanks for the food we eat, God!”, (Point to family cards next and say…) “Thanks for families, God!”  and “Thanks for everthing, too!”

(Note:  As you can see by now, after each new topic of thanksgiving, you will ask the children how many cards of the topic you just displayed.  You will then have them repeat after you, “Thanks for _______________, God!” and then go backward to each previous topic and give thanks for each of those things.  As a little added bit of fun, you might encourage the children to jump up out of their seats everytime you get to “Thanks for everything, too!”)

Topic 4:  “Thanks for the summer sun, God!”

Topic 5:  “Thanks for the winter snow, God!”

Topic 6:  “Thanks for the sun and rain, God!”

Topic 7:  “Thanks for skies so blue, God!”

Topic 8:  “Thanks for friends we love, God!”

Topic 9:  “Thanks for clothes we wear, God!”

Topic 10:  “Thanks for Christ our Lord!”

Just in case you’re interested, you might want to check out this book with even more ideas for your preschoolers: Bible Activities in a Snap: Holidays

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