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Christian Mother’s Day Poem for Kids: Planting Seeds

This Christian Mother’s Day poem for kids: Planting Seeds, will delight your children and any special mom in their lives with the love of Jesus.

A Christian Mother’s Day poem for kids: Planting Seeds, may just be the special presentation you need to share with the mother’s at your church or within your own family. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about all the MANY wonderful things that moms and grandmas do to keep them happy and healthy.  In fact, it’s almost as if with each act of love a mom gives, she is planting a little seed into each child God has placed within her garden.

As you read through this Christian poem for kids you will see that each “seed” relates to one of the fruit of the Spirit for that is what every mom plants in her children’s hearts with each act of devotion.

I am providing you with the downloadable pages for all you need to do this activity. Click on the two following links for the documents:

Planting Seeds Part One

Planting Seeds Part Two

What You Need for this Christian Mother’s Day poem for kids: Planting Seeds:  For this presentation, you will need 10 – letter size envelopes (approx. 9.5in. x 4in.) and you will need a package of pumpkin seeds.  You will also need find 10 different pictures of flowers or purchase 10 different flower seed packets.  (These pictures are included in the downloadable documents above.) If you buy the seed packets, empty the seeds out. Also, you will need to write out each stanza of the poem on a separate card. If you’d like, laminate all of the cards for longterm use.  You will also need some kind of place to display all of your flowers.  I use a pocket chart as seen in the pictures down below, but you could also stand them up on a table or against a wall.

Preparation:   Take each envelope and seal it.  Then cut off 3 in. off of the long end of each envelope.  Now attach one card of the poem to one side of the envelope and attach a flower card to the other side.  Once all the envelopes have been assembled, place them in numeric order.  Have a bowl of pumpkin seeds sitting nearby.  You are now ready to share the poem.

Presentation:  Have the children sit in front of you.  Say the following:  “Who knows what special holiday we are celebrating today?  (Wait for response.)  That’s right!  Mother’s Day!  And today we are going to hear a special poem about mommies and about all the many wonderful things they do for their children.  For example, raise your hand if your mom or grandma or aunt ever hug you.  (Wait for response.)  Super!  Now raise your hand if your mommy ever cleans your clothes.

(Wait for response.)  Isn’t that nice of her?  Now raise your hand if your mommy ever makes you yummy things to eat?  (Wait for response.)  I am so glad your moms do so many  great things for you.  Did you know that each time your mommy does something nice for you it’s like she is planting a seed in your life.  (Hold up a pumpkin seed.)  What happens when we plant a seed in the ground?  (Wait for responses like “something grows”.)  That’s right!  Beautiful things grow like this beautiful flower.  (Show them the first flower.)  Well, God can make beautiful things grow in your life  when you have a loving mommy or grandma or someone special to watch over you.”

“Alright, boys and girls, let’s listen quietly to this special poem about mommies.”

You will read each card showing the poem side first.  Before turning the card around to reveal the flower, ask one child to pick a pumpkin seed out of the bowl and drop it into the envelope.  Then say, “Thank you, (Cole), for dropping that seed in.  Let’s see what pretty flower grows from it.”  Ask the child to sit down, then go to the next card.

After you present the poem, you can have the children make the Mother’s Day card I have provided at the end.  Print the inside and outside of the card, one for each child.  Have the children color in the flower and sign their names on the inside of the card.  You also might consider giving each child a packet of flower seeds to attach to the card.  I think you can buy 5 to 10 packs for a dollar at your local “Dollar” store.

Tips:  I would not call the pumpkin seed by it’s real name – pumpkin.  I would just call it a seed.  You also might want to color the seeds to make them match the colors of the flowers.  You can also point out the names of each of the flowers if you’d like. Also, always be sensitive to any children who do not have a mother. You can say how this poem also talks about aunts and grandmas or other caretakers.

Planting Seeds

When a mommy hugs her children

She plants a seed of love

And all her wonderful kisses

Come from God above.


When a mommy laughs and giggles

She plants a seed of joy

Like when she tickles your funny bone

Or plays with your favorite toy

When a mommy tucks you in at night

She plants a seed of peace

She prays for God to bless you

With a sweet and restful sleep


When a mommy asks you to wait for things

A seed of patience is what she sows

For all the really good things in life

Take some time to grow


When a mommy makes your favorite food

She plants a seed so kind

She knows when chicken soup is good for you

Or when you have cookies on your mind


When a mommy washes all your clothes

Seeds of goodness she plants

She works so hard to scrub and scrub

So you will have clean shirts and pants


When a mommy takes care of you all day

Faithfulness is the seed she sows

She makes sure you have all you need

Like lots of good food and shoes on your toes


When a mommy rocks you in her arms

A gentle seed is planted deep

Sometimes she’ll sing you a little song

While in her arms you cry or sleep


When a mommy tells you, “No, no, no.”

She plants a seed of self-control

For she knows not all things are good for you

So make sure you listen to what you are told


But the greatest seed that a mommy plants

Is the seed of God’s great love

She wants you to know him just like she does

So that one day you both will live in Heaven above.

As an extra bonus, here is a printable Mother’s Day card for your children to give to their special moms:

Mother’s Day Card for your Little Ones Inside Page  Outside Page

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