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Can a Young Child Accept Jesus as Their Savior? by The Scripture Lady

Over the years of my ministry, I have heard people ask, “Can a young child accept Jesus as their Savior?” May I suggest a better question to ask is, “Am I doing all I can to lead my children to the Lord, whether young or old?” I do believe that a young child can accept Jesus as their Savior. I also believe that God will bless our efforts to tell children about Jesus no matter what age they are.

When I hear someone ask, “Can a young child accept Jesus as their Savior?” I think of people I have read about over the years who have said they made a decision for the Lord at a young age. But one of my favorite people that never fails to inspire me is Corrie Ten Boom.

Corrie Ten Boom became a traveling evangelist for Jesus at the age of 53. But before she traveled the world for the Lord, she was a prisoner within a concentration camp during WW2 for harboring Jews. Her story is incredible! If you have never read any of her books, I HIGHLY recommend that you take time to get to know this great woman of God by first reading “The Hiding Place.”

I am convinced that God greatly blessed Corrie’s life and work because she had two godly parents who led her to Jesus at an early age. Corrie testifies that she said, “Yes,” to Jesus when she was 5 years old.

Corrie’s parents took on the responsibility to lead all their children to their Good Shepherd. While I only know snippets of their own stories, I can’t imagine either of them questioned whether or not they should give their young children the opportunity to receive Jesus as their Savior. They had the faith to know that if their children prayed to receive Jesus, then it was a “done deal.”

Did Corrie know all about the Bible at 5 years old? No! Of course not.

But Corrie began her relationship with the living “Word of God” at 5 and continued to grow in the grace and knowledge of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 3:18)

As Christian parents and teacher, I urge you to also take hold of the responsibility given to you by God to teach your children about Jesus. In my mind, it is your number one responsibility.

Read this poem that Corrie Ten Boom would often quote about her views on the question of : “Can a young child accept Jesus as their Savior?”


Said a precious little laddie 

To his father one bright day

“May I give myself to Jesus

Let Him wash my sins away?”

“Oh, my son, but you are so little.

Wait until you older grow.

Bigger folks, ’tis true, do need Him

But little folks are safe, you know.”

Said the father to his laddie

As a storm was coming on

“Are the sheep all safely sheltered

Safe within the fold, my son?”

“The big ones are, my father,

But the lambs, I let them go

For I didn’t think it mattered

Little ones are safe, you know.”

Author Unknown

Click on the pictures below that present Jesus spending time with children and as the “Good Shepherd” to share with your kids, whether young or old.

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Picture Ten

Picture Eleven

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