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A Bible Song About Dads in the Bible by The Scripture Lady

Here is a Bible song about dads in the Bible that teaches about six famous dads in the Word of God. Your children will learn about Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.

Last year, I took the opportunity to write a chapel program that I called “Let’s Learn About Dads in the Bible.” I soon wrote a Bible song about dads in the Bible that would creatively share about six famous men in God’s Word – Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.

Being a dad is one of the greatest gifts God gives to a man and being a dad takes a lot of hard work and love. I believe every dad from the beginning of time has faced many of the same issues of fatherhood as all of us. They have learned how to love and guide their children carefully throughout the journey of life. But the greatest of all dads will teach their children about the greatest of all fathers – God the Father.

My Bible song about dads in the Bible showcases six men who were faithful to share the love of God with their children. None of them were perfect, but each chose to follow the One and True God.

This Bible song about dads in the Bible is a singing game. As I sing about each of the dads, I show a picture of each of the dads and the children have to find the matching picture. I have provided you with six pictures of these dads that you can use with this song or in any other way you choose.

Check out this sample video of the moves to this song:

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As a free gift, I am providing you with six fun pictures of the dads I showcase in the song:

Click HERE for Adam and his sons.

Click HERE for Noah and his sons.

Click HERE for Abraham and Isaac.

Click HERE for Isaac and Jacob.

Click HERE for Jacob with Joseph and his grandsons.

Click HERE for David and Solomon.

Here are the lyrics to this Bible song about dads in the Bible:

There are many great dads in the Bible. Let’s take some time to learn a few.

God has a plan for every dad, just like He has great plans for you.

OK. Let’s learn about some of the dads in the Bible.

I will sing about a dad and show you a picture of that dad, then one of you will get to come forward and find the picture on my banner. Are you ready? Here we go!


Adam was the first dad God did make. Cain and Abel were his two boys.

But Cain was very jealous of Abel which took away their father’s great joy.

Who can find the picture of Adam?

Noah was blessed with 3 strong sons who helped him build the ark

Noah showed a mighty faith in God even when the world became very dark

Who can find the picture of Noah?


Abraham was a very old man when God promised him a son

Through Isaac, Abraham became the father of many nations

Who can find the picture of Abraham?


Isaac was doubly blessed by God. He had two boys, twins!

The boys tricked their father, but then they learned that dishonesty never wins

Who can find the picture of Isaac?


Jacob loved Joseph very much. Joseph was his favorite child.

He gave Joseph a special coat. I’m sure this made Joseph smile

Who can find the picture of Jacob?


David had a son named Solomon who was very wise

David and Solomon both were kings. Their lives had lows and highs

Who can find the picture of David?


Looking for a fun game to help your kids learn about more dads in the Bible?

Then click on the following link for a fun game called the “Bible Dads”

“Bible Dads”

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