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Bible Name Values: Vacation Bible School Ideas for Elementary Kids


Vacation Bible School ideas are great for elementary kids ! Here is one called “Bible Name Values.”

Who is worth more Moses or Elijah?  “What?” you say.  “We’re all equal in God’s eyes.”  That is true, but if you play this Vacation Bible School game, one will definitely hold a greater value…at least their names will!

Vacation Bible School ideas for elementary kids will make your VBS even more special and for this one you will need to do the following:

I have provided an alphabet chart below that you will show your children.  Explain that each letter of the alphabet has a different numeric value.  After you have shown the chart, keep it covered until after you have to say, “Get ready, set, add!”  Now divide your children into 2 teams.  Decide which team will go first then say 2 names of Bible characters such as Moses and Elijah.  Ask the question, “Who is worth more?  Moses or Elijah.”  The first team gets to choose the name they think will add up to the highest numeric amount according to the letters in their names.  The other team gets the name that wasn’t picked.  Now say, “Get ready, set, add!” and turn the chart over for each team to easily see.  The children add up the scores and whoever had the winning name, wins 100 points.  The winning team also gets to choose first when picking the name on the next turn.

Hint:  You might want to have a list of names prepared beforehand and know the scores each one gets so you can check the children’s answers.  This will help the game keep at a good pace.  Here is a list to get you started:

Moses (12)/Elijah (17)

John (15)/Mark (12)

Obadiah (22)/Malachi (18)

Ezekiel (17)/Daniel (14)

David (13)/Jesus (17)

Samuel (18)/Martha (21)

Elizabeth (28)/Jeremiah (22)

Sarah (16)/James (15)

Lydia (15)/Hosea (14)

Ruth (17)/Boaz (12)

Click here for the Alphabet Chart.


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