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Who Loves You: A LIVE Streaming Bible Program Scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25th at 9am

Thank you so much for signing up to attend “Who Loves You”: A Scripture Lady LIVE Steaming Bible program for preschoolers.

Below, you will find all the information you need for you and your children to attend this fun event which will last approximately 45 minutes.

Below is the link to Zoom. This is the online meeting software that I use to share my programs.

Please read and follow the “Best Practices” listed below to make the program the best that it can be.

Here is the Zoom link for “Who Loves You” scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25th at 9am (PST-USA):

Meeting ID, if needed, is: 861 9122 2688
The Passcode, if needed, is: 382466
Please log on between 8:45am and 8:55am to be ready for the program. You will be sent to the “waiting room” where you will be admitted one at a time.
I, myself, will login by 8:30am if you would like to try and get in earlier.
I, myself, will login by 8:30am if you would like to try and get in earlier.
It is important that the name you log on with matches the name you registered with.
I, myself, will login by 8:30am if you would like to try and get in earlier.
  • Get your children excited about the Bible program before it goes LIVE. Talk about the theme of the program and ask them what they think they might learn.
  • Pray with your children before the program, helping to get their hearts in the right place to hear the message.

    Make sure your computer video and microphone are on and working well. If a child wants to say something, then encourage them to get close to the microphone to speak.

    As the teacher or parent, you are encouraged to stand close by the microphone to relay any messages from your children.

    Encourage your children not to speak when The Scripture Lady is speaking so they don’t miss anything.

    Encourage your children to be polite and patient with all those who are attending.

If you have any questions, please email me, Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady at

I look forward to being with you on Thursday, Feb. 25th at 9am.

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