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The Scripture Lady Event was a Success in Tooele, Utah!

The Scripture Lady Event was a success in Tooele, Utah! Learn about the workshops and musical Bible program that Kathy Vincent, The Scripture Lady shared for children’s ministry leaders from Utah.

I am so thrilled to announce that The Scripture Lady Event was a success in Tooele, Utah this past weekend. There were children’s ministry leaders from three churches who attended. The first was the host church of Calvary Chapel Tooele Springs. Another Calvary Chapel from the Great Salt Lake area was represented and a church up in Idaho made the 4 hour drive to participate.

During this children’s conference, I was able to share the following three workshops:

  1. 5 Ways to Make Sunday School the Best Time of the Week
  2. How to Have a Dynamic and Disciplined Classroom
  3. How to Sing and Share the Gospel

Each of the participants walked away with well over $200 worth of downloadable products to help make their children’s ministries grow and thrive.

  “Thank you so much for sharing your heart and love for children with all of us!” – Carolyn from Great Salt Lake

More Quotes:

“I had the best time, it was so much fun”


“Hey, when are we putting these great ideas to use”




Tooele, Utah is a small quaint town and is surrounded by mountains. Snow was on the ground and there were icicles hanging from the eaves that were over 7 feet long!

“Thank you so much for a blessed weekend!” – Jackie W., Children’s Pastor of Calvary Chapel Tooele Springs

More Quotes:

“Best Day Ever” 


Thank you so much for everything you presented to make our children’s ministry refreshed, excited, and equipped! 





All the people of Calvary Chapel Tooele Springs made me feel very special and well taken care of. Miss Jackie, the children’s pastor, even blessed me with my favorite drink from Starbuck’s – hot chocolate made with coconut milk, no whipped cream. Yum!

Saturday was filled with workshops for the teachers where they learned fun songs and creative ways to share the Bible.

“Your workshops were wonderful!” – Diane from Idaho

“I am not afraid of teaching with all the tools you have given” 








But Sunday was all about the kids.I was blessed to be able to share my “Let’s GROW in God” program with children ages pre-k through 6th grade. We all had lots of fun.










But the BEST part was when a handful of children accepted Jesus as their Savior during the altar call.

That was really fun!” – 9 year old child

“Thank you for coming and blessing us!” – 8 year old child

So what about you? Are you the next children’s ministry to host a fun and captivating Scripture Lady Event?

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