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Sign up for God Gives Me Power – FREE LIVE Streaming elementary Bible program to help your kids learn more about God’s great power.

Thank you for your interest in signing up for God Gives Me Power – a FREE LIVE Streaming elementary Bible program for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade. This program teach your kids that they have the power of God living inside of them through the Holy Spirit when they believe in Jesus.

Through original music, creative Bible storytelling, fun games and captivating Bible object lessons, your kids will delight in learning more about God’s Word, the Bible.

Through the use of Zoom, The Scripture Lady will virtually visit your home, school or church to creatively share the love of Jesus.

Choose one of the following dates and times by clicking on one of the buttons below. The program will last approximately 50 minutes.

Once you sign up for a date, you will receive an email confirming your attendance. You will also be given the Zoom link which will allow you entrance into the Bible program.

Choose Wednesday, October 14th at 9am (PST – USA)


Choose Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm (PST – USA)

I am excited to be debuting my newest Bible object lesson I call “Cross and Silks.” It was inspired by a video on YouTube from the “MissionMagicTV” channel.

I really liked the message that the lesson portrayed, but like many “tricks” that I see online, I always like to ramp things up a bit and put my own thumbprint on it.

I wanted a Bible object lesson that would share the truth of how Jesus allowed Himself to be weak and suffer on the cross and yet show forth His great power by forgiving us our sins. I think the “Cross and Silks” Bible object lesson accomplishes that goal.

For a limited time, I am giving you the video of this Bible object lesson. You may download it and share it with your children.

Click HERE to download this video.

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